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Thread: Need military (esp Army) guys opinion

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    Need military (esp Army) guys opinion

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    I finally have some medical issues cleared up that have been preventing me from getting back in the military. I have been out since 2003 and have not taken care of myself. Honestly, it's bad. I can barely run and pushups and situps are a joke. I might have a chance to to to OCS for the TX Army Guard if I can shape up by this fall.
    My question is what kind of fitness plan should I should be following? Will following Primal Fitness be enough? Weightlifting at the base gym? Or, should I be looking to train more inline with conventional wisdom so I can pass the fitness test? Maybe a combination of both after I reach a certian basic level?
    I work civil service at an air force base so I have all the base facilities avalible for me to use. I also work nights so I have all morning and afternoon to do what I have to do.
    This shot is important to me and i'm willing to do whatever it takes. I just don't know where to start! Thanks in advance for any help you guys out there can give me.


    pushups- min 34/ max 73 in 2 mins
    situps- min 38/ max 76 in 2 mins
    2 mi run- 18:18 max/ 13.36 min

    Obviously I am shooting for way more than the min because you can't lead troops if you can't excell.
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    Hey Dennis - I'm not an army guy, but there are a couple around. I just wanted to suggest that you post the fitness test requirements. Then, more people will be able to help you figure out how to reach those goals.
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    I'm not a military guy either but I did do four years in the Texas A&M Corp of Cadets where I was in charge of the PFT standards for about 200 other cadets. I also take part in a military-style fitness program 2x per week along with 2 other weight workouts.

    If I remember correctly, the Army PFT is basically pushups, situps and a 2-mile run and your perfomance will benefit from building all-around fitness. Primal Blueprint Fitness will be an excellent start IMO.

    The basic movements in the PBF E-book will get you started. (Pushup, pullup, squat, overhead press, plank) If you haven't downloaded it, I recommend it. Once you have started gaining some strength I would recommend incorporating weights for your workouts and using a simple strength routine like Starting Strength or Stronglifts and incorporate PFT-specific exercises to supplement the main lifts.

    Good luck!
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    Hi. I'm in the Canadian Army (artillery) but should be close enough. I do cross fit for my main workout followed by hockey several times a week. It seems to be enough as I haven't been this fit since I joined, and that was 21 years ago. I would recommend doing cross fit and every few weeks do the fitness test that you have to pass to see how much you are improving and to focus on areas that you might need work on. I would also make sure your diet is good and if you are out of shape to start easy and build up the intensity of your workout as getting injured should be your biggest concern for the first few weeks. Also throw in a few ruck sack marches, but not too often. Ruck marches suck and at times in life there is no easy way to do something and the best way to do it is to just tough it out. I also know that (Canada anyways) at my base you can get one of the fitness staff at the base gym to give you a hand such as showing you proper techniques and other assistance you may need; see if your gym offers the same.
    You can try or if you want an intense workout geared for the military.
    Best of luck.

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    Good Luck to you Dennis!

    I know that if you want this bad enough, you'll do it!

    I'm in the middle of trying to join the Canadian Military, and am working with a personal trainer who was once a trainer for the military fitness test, so she knows what I will need to do, and has been pushing me towards my goal.

    I think Robs suggestion of seeing someone at the gym to set up a good trainning program for you.

    Running is the hard part for me. I'm making really good progress towards the pushups, but the running is a whole other matter.

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    Thanks everyone for the advice and well wishes. I have decided that I am going to do a strict 90 day primal fitness and eating. I believe that will give me the base level of fitness that I am looking for so I dont get hurt later down the line. Afther the 90 days I can reevaluate and see if I can take it to a higher level. Hopefully I will have some great news to share this fall!


    Please let me know if you make it. I'll be pulling for you!


    Thanks for the base trainer info. Ill be calling them tomorrow to see if I am eligable for any program they may have.


    Ya, I really didn't want to post my weight cause I know i'm not within standards. Thankfully I tend to lose weight quckly when i follow the PB plans. It shouldn't be a problem once I get rolling.

    Thanks all again,


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    I just had to take my PT for the Army so I could go to WLC so I have a pretty good idea what your going though. My work out plan was as follows I stuck to the PB like a drowning man to a lifesaver. The Crossfit and P90x were my go to workouts alternating weeks. I passed my pt with a combined score of 290 (72 pushups, 72 sit ups, and a 13:00 two mile). I'm in the 17-21 bracket so I had slightly higher passing scores but I'm proof it works. I had to get taped because I'm 69 inches and suppoused to weigh 168 at max I came in at 184 but because of the workouts I had no gut so tape was a breeze. From one soldier to another I hope you make it.


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    Former British army here. For my money, PB fitness is good for joe bloggs to get/stay fit in a sustainable way, but intense workouts like crossfit, HIIT, etc. are what you need to get into shape so quickly and to give you a good level of functional fitness. Over the years I've tried all kinds of workouts from chronic cardio to body building and crossfit. I've found that the crossfit style of training was what got my fitness up there quicker than anything else, and is most like how we used to train in the army.

    Good luck.

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    Check the web site listed.

    You can skip around and find requirements for different branches of the service. Also find out some suggested work outs, etc..
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    Dgr, check out this thread on something called SimpleFit. If you're looking to do the PB Fitness Five Essential Movements, this is a fantastic way to do so and to track your progress and push yourself. SimpleFit is pull-ups, push-ups and squats (in that order). Just add the plank in afterwards (and shoulder presses if you want) and you're golden.

    I've only been doing it for two weeks and I love it, but cheapo's been doing it for like 3 years and his progress pics are in the first post in that link.
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