I am starting this journal to keep track of my diet and exercise and keep myself accountable to myself. Plus I am loving reading other people's journals especially those who have journalled for a long time and chronicled their successes over time. I am hopeful that in a year's time this will be a record of my transformation to a happier, healthier, stronger primal life.

So starting stats *cringe* as of 10 Jan 2011

32 year old female
Height 5' 10"
Weight 230lbs
Neck 14.5"
Belly 46"
waist 40"
Hips 48"
Thighs 26"

Body fat via http://www.free-body-fat-calculator.com/ is 42.57% Ugh!!

Reasons for going primal are possibly quite obvious with my stats. I am sick of hauling extra weight around, sick of being asked when my baby is due, sick of feeling unfit, tired and stressed out. I want to feel better, look better and be able to keep up with my kids better. I want a healthy life to enjoy.

Background. I was always very skinny when younger. At one point in my teens I was majorly restricting my calories to stay below 120lbs (very low for my height and build). Once I began eating more normally, my weight was around 130 - 140lbs for my late teens and early 20s.
I had my daughter at 23 and from then the weight steadily crept on with more added with the next two pregnancies.
Over the last few years, we have had quite a lot of stress. An Aspergers diagnosis for my older son and the associated diagnosis process, craniosynostosis diagnosis for my younger son with the worry of potential skull surgery (thankfully the NS decided surgery was not necessary in his case) plus a few other medical and developmental issues amongst the three kids and the usual ups and downs of family life. All small beans in the grand scheme of things but for a while it felt like everything was coming at once and my usual optomisim was taking a bit of a battering.

Although I have always tried to provide my family with "healthy" food (CW wise), I was stuck in a carb and sugar addiction and constantly comfort eating rubbish. Pizzas, nachos, crisps and chocolate, huge portions of "healthy" grains and little to no exercise have me at the point I am now. I have had brief periods of attempting fitness routines (tried the c25K but got bad shin splints, exercise videos but always ditch them when I get ill and off track for a week or so) and cutting out the rubbish but nothing has stuck until now.

PB makes sense to me and the last week seems to show it makes sense to my body as well

I had a couple of headachey, fuzzy headed days about 3 days in but since then I have felt better than I have for a long time. I haven't experienced those horrible blood sugar shaky crashes that used to send me reaching for the chocolate. I have been enjoying my food, feeling satisfied after my meals and not been tempted by the carby rubbish people have been eating around me that I would usually not be able to get enough of! I am less bloated, sleeping better and have an underlying higher energy than usual.

The whole family has been felled by a nasty cold the last few days (in fact nearly everyone I know seems to have had it or has it) and I am feeling fairly rubbish with that BUT I haven't reached for the sugary, carby rubbish I would usually feel I needed to get through a day looking after three sick kids while being sick myself. Bacon, eggs and sardines are seeing me through!

With how achey I am feeling and the horrid chesty cough, I am putting off starting the exercise routine properly until I am feeling healthier but am still trying to move more and after practising over the last week I can now do a proper squat and am squatting to do housework tasks such as putting laundry away, vacuuming skirtings etc! lol!

So I plan to use this journal to record my food which will help me identify when and if I stray off plan. Record my exercise to help keep me moving and notice my improvements. And hopefully over time to record my successes in terms of shrinking stats and a healthier, more energetic life!

For now, I am allowing myself some dairy (double cream in my chai, sprinkling of grated cheese or occasional dollop of full fat sour cream when my meal would benefit from it) root veg, coffee and the occasional weekend glass of wine. These are all subject to removal over time but for now they are helping me enjoy my primal food.
I was allowing myself dried fruit and nuts but am considering cutting them and sticking to the occasional piece of fresh fruit or berries.