It is about time I start a journal here at MDA. It will be interesting to see how many readers I get over the course of the next few weeks and months...

I decided to go primal on April 5, 2010. I made the decision for a clear skin experiment. My skined clered up just about 100%. Everything went perfect for about 5 months or so until stress started to hit me big time. Having no job and little money sucks... I finally got 2 jobs! Yay - working up to 60 hours a week sounds awesome! I did this for about 2 months till January.

During the last 2 months of 2010 my diet was horrendous. I started to binge eat on junk food and stopped caring about what I put in my body. I went to Chicago for the New Year with my good friend since our brothers both live there and had a good time. But, the day I left was AWFUL. I had the worst cramps you could possibly imagine and I literally felt like I may not survive.

I was laying down on my bed and had a scorching pain anytime I moved. I was able to take a nap and I managed to suck up and go to Chicago. I felt crampish for the entire 3 days I was there although I was feeling progressively better as time went on.

This was due to a binge eating episode a night or 2 before.

I decided to partake in the 30 day paleo challenge for the new year but "failed" as I binge ate just a few days ago. I have been meaning to start a journal for months in order to end this and I am 100% certain that I am finally back to the primal/paleo way of eating and living for that matter.

I have a blog that I once posted at every single day until I started to not eat as primal as I did. Starting tomorrow I will be blogging regularly - hopefully daily again soon. I have a full-time job but have everything under control.

I want to help others live this lifestyle and I hope this journal will do just that as well as keep myself on track.

I will be posting what I eat as well as my workouts amongst other things. Check out my blog for other primal stuff including the largest blogroll you will ever come across!