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Thread: Super Skinny Me on BBC America

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    Super Skinny Me on BBC America

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    I watched the show as 2 women tried to lose weight

    1) Watercress Diet

    2) Lemon Juice & Colonics

    The ladies did lose weight but at the end they looked very unhealthy despite their weight loss

    It's sad to see these women undergo these efforts and see them become so unhealthy at the end

    one of them even comments "I'm quite the anorexic now", this is so true and millions of women in the UK & the USA subject themselves to this unhealthy torture (as well as men though through different means typically)

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    The one who really seemed to be taking it more seriously, the brunette, I believe has some serious depression and body dysmorphia issues. She did another program where she had lots of botox and surgery over a very short period of time. It's sad watching her basically mutilate herself in these shows and I think that the BBC was a irresponsible in having her do these programs. I had the sense that the blonde in Super Skinny Me would quickly bounce back mentally and physically but that the other one is way too fragile.

    But yes, lots of people do all this behavior in the privacy of their own home around the world...
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    one of them even comments "I'm quite the anorexic now"
    Well, then, I'm so happy that the BBC felt the need to exploit you and your disease for the freak show fawning masses. It's like all those teen mom shows that I never knew existed until the teen mothers started turning up in all the celeb gossip mags. We're not rewarding wrong behavior at all...

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