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Thread: Use of statins favors the wealthy, creating new social disparities in cholestero

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    Wow, OtB, that's a bummer. I work for a service organization that helps our local public school and it's tough to get volunteers from any but the most affluent families, so I sympathize. Thanks for your work at that organization. I've never been to Denver, but I appreciate the efforts of anyone who works to help.

    Admittedly families in poverty face myriad issues that might prevent them from giving their time as freely as more wealthy families. (Similar to the "risk and insecurity" cited in SS's second article. Thanks SS.) It's discouraging to hear your story.

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    I drive past some public housing when I go to the closest auto parts store. Almost half the units have satellite dish antennas. I imagine most of the other half have cable TV. Poverty ain't what it used to be!

    Spend time in a grocery store that has a lot of "Hood" catchment. Look at what's in the carts. Huge amounts of soda, snack foods, 10% "juice" drinks, frozen and prepared foods. Less meat, fresh vegetables, or even rice and beans. I saw that when I lived in the aforementioned neighborhood, and one of the two stores I patronize here is heavily minority. It's no different than in Denver.

    You can take a lowest quintile person to the water, but.......

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    This morning, I stopped in at a local pharmacy for odds and ends and their inhouse TV was playing a tape about statins, and how statins were the desirable way to solve high cholesterol, which was due to ...eating too much cholesterol. There was one sentence mentioned lifestyle... but it was all about pushing the drugs. Of course, it /was/ a drug store, so I guess it was to be expected.

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