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Thread: "F My Primal Life"

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    $1000 are you kidding me?!?!?!

    Does someone you live with have so little respect????

    Sorry am so p*ssed off on your behalf!

    I don't pour away their toxic soy milk so don't steal my food!!


    And a lock on the fridge.

    And an eviction / complaint to landlord.

    That is NOT on!

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    @OTB: Your suggestion made me laugh out loud! I'm still laughing.

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    I saw that one, and wow, my jaw dropped. Throwing away food is throwing away food and that's just sad, no matter what it is.

    This afternoon, I was cooking up some beef and my mom walked in, "You're eating RED MEAT!!" As if I somehow didn't know. I said, "Yep. I certainly am." She launched into how that was terrible for my arteries and so "expensive", then went right into how much money she was saving on soy burgers.

    I scored some grassfed for $3/lb. Her soy burgers cost $6-7 for a box of four. Who's really paying more here?

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