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    How Much Time Do You Spend in the Kitchen?

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    How much time do you spend in the kitchen every day? Do you spend more on the weekends? Do you cook ahead? Do you just throw something on the grill every day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twibble View Post
    How much time do you spend in the kitchen every day? Do you spend more on the weekends? Do you cook ahead? Do you just throw something on the grill every day?
    I spend a -lot- of time in the kitchen and I've really been trying to cut it back. I just read this article yesterday and it gave me some great ideas on how to spend less time in there.

    I'm going to try cooking an entire week's worth of food on sunday and then portioning it out into tupperware and then straight into the freezer. I figure it can't hurt to try.

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    We rarely cook ahead, aside from making enough for one person to have leftovers. We tend to spend abt 2 hours total in the kitchen, from prepwork to cleaning, occasionally 3 hours if it's a longer dish. Our meals generally aren't grilled (except during the summer when we have the light for it), but most of what we make are 2 pot meals: the main portion of the meal, and the veggie pan for me to add to my plate of food to make it more primal. We rarely eat at home on the weekends (Saturday is Guy's night and we usually go out, Sunday is In- Laws night, so I usually hafta try to primalize whatever it was they made), but when we do, it's usually quicker because it's grilled or something that's been in the crockpot for a while.
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    i have my kitchen time down a lot from where it used to be. i cook a lot of my food in batches that will last a few days or the whole week. so, from time to time i might be in the kitchen for as much as a half hour, but generally i'm there just a few minutes to reheat a meal or scramble some eggs or something.

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    Let's say an hour (including cleanup time) for my (solitary) breakfasts and lunches, which I eat at home, because I work from home.

    Let's say about an hour more, on average, per day for dinners, which we together, myself, my husband and two sons, as a family. A little more, on Fridays, for our Sabbath evening meal.

    We eat out once a week for dinner.


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    We make a lot of use of our crock pot because there will be days when nobody's home until late. Whatever we don't eat, we save for the next day's lunch and/or dinner. When I'm home, I'll probably spend an hour a night making dinner - usually a ground-beef dish of some sort.
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    Appx 45.min - 1 hr for prep, cooking and cleanup. If it takes longer than 20-30 minutes I know it won't happen during the week. On the weekend I often spend 1-3 hrs in the kitchen because I do enjoy cooking - I just don't have the time or energy for anything complicated during the week. We typically eat a pile o' veggies and some meat. I'll do some prep on weekends - for example I'll roast a chicken and then simmer the meat with seasoning to eat throughout the week, etc. But that depends on what my weekend plans are - sometimes weekends are busier than weekdays. Breakfast and lunch are always the same and only take a few minutes to prep for the week.

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    On average, 45 minutes to an hour for dinner, including prep and clean up. I do tend to make big roasts that we can split in to two meals, which means a week or two later we'll have the leftover. I still make side dish(es) so there'll still be kitchen time. More complicated recipes I usually save for the weekends when I'm more likely to want to spend more time cooking. Or I'll make up a HUGE batch of something that freezes well, last weekend I did mashed sweet taters, so that's one extra thing I have stocked in the freezer I can use over the upcoming weeks.

    We both work from home so we make lunch as well...we usually keep that to 30 minutes or less. I typically have leftovers that I reheat or something simple like an omelette and salad or meat/veggies chopped and cooked en mass in a pan.

    eta: I typically use my cooking time to catch up on podcasts or I prop up the ipad and stream netflix/hulu so I can watch one of my shows...
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    If it were just me it would take about 10-15 minutes a night.
    My wife likes to have more conventional foods (yes, it is a problem at times) so I end up spending 30+ minutes a night making her something 'interesting'. She has zero interest in low-carb, high fat foods--although on 'This Week in Paleo' I did hear Dr. Weil talk positively about fats. If only Dr. Oz would come on-board my kitchen time would be diminished greatly.
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    I spend an incredible amount of time devoted to my kitchen. It is the only way I can do this. Between making several meals for my non primal family, & all of my prep work with dehydrating & making jerky, chips, pizza shells, & dried apples. I always make sure I have grilled chicken & hard boiled eggs available in the fridge.Also buying in bulk, portion out in to single servings, & vacuum sealing. I even grind meat. Thank god I live close to work, work less than 40 hours a week. I treat it as a creative outlet. It has to be about 20 hours a week. That doesnt count food shopping. I must be insane. (@ least my friends & family think)
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