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Thread: Birthday Treat - gone primal

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    Birthday Treat - gone primal

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    So today was my birthday and i am a chocolate LOVER but did still have not gotten dark chocolate bars into my primal diet SO on my bday i decided to try something super simple for my chocolate birthday treat.

    about 1 tablespoon of Coconut butter (warmed)
    roughly 2 tsp of Dutch processed cocoa (make sure it is dutch processed)
    splash of almond extract
    sprinkling of Almond meal

    Happy Birthday To Me.

    Simple, quick, easy and will now be a topping for my almond pancakes or my swedish coconut pancakes with berries.. (if i had had some other nuts i might have chopped and mixed in, but i am out and cinnamon/cayenne pepper might have also been good)

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    indeed... Happy Birthday to you.

    I don't think I can convince my 10-yo DD to do that on her birthday, tho...

    I think I will make her real ice cream....

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    Just reading the ingredient list, i was getting my jollies *Home Simpson drool doughnut!*

    Happy birthday

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