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    Question What could I bring for lunch?

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    Well the last month or so I have ventured into Primal eating, but basically just my feet are wet. Now that my semester started, I am at a loss at what I could bring for lunch. Tues and Thurs, my lunches/pee breaks are 15 minutes long. I don't have access to a microwave, so it would have to be something "cold". Last week I have been starving, because I just don't know what I could bring. The evil peanut butter & jelly sandwich almost corrupted me.... erm.. but anyways

    Right now, I have about a two month supply of food that I've already cooked and froze for my busy days (Home at 6pm, must get up at 3am the next day). And for some reason, I really don't stomach salads very well... my stomach gets.. "bubbly" ?? I'm not really sure how to describe it, but my stomach definitely talks back after I eat any kind of cold salad, whether it's iceberg, romaine or (my favorite) spinach. Meat just didn't seem appetizing at room temperature, unless it's bacon. But being chub chub I can imagine all the funny looks I would receive if I am devouring bacon (I know, I know... who cares, Lol)

    So I was just wondering if you guys, who are more experienced with primal food (and heck, food in general, I lived off processed foods almost my entire life!) would have any good suggestions for something quick and easy I could take to school to eat?

    Thank you bunches

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    hard boiled eggs and some raw veggies?

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    Can you use an ice pack to keep food cold? That'll open up more options.

    Avocado slices wrapped in roast beef.
    Deviled eggs.
    Cooked chicken with seasoned, primal mayo for dipping.

    Search this forum for "lunch" in thread titles -- there have been LOTS of them.
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    Tuna salad, roast beef and wrapped around dill pickle spears.

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    I keep cans of sardine in olive oil and cans of salmon at work so that I always have a protein source. And a weeks worth of avacados.

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    I personally have no problem not refrigerating stuff or eating it cold/room temp. I just bring in left overs or something in tupperware. Toss it in my bag and eat it at whatever temp it may be when lunch comes around.
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    Is it all cold vegetables that upset your stomach or just greens? Because when I am on the go I tend to pack lettuce-less salads. (I dont like wilty lettuce and I dont like having to take a cooler and a separate container for dressing). I fill a tupperware with cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, radishes, carrot, avocado etc., toss with dressing and meat. I dice up the cooked meat and freeze it in individual servings. Toss with the salad and it keeps everything cold and thaws nicely by lunch.

    Are you dairy free PB? I often eat plain greek yogurt tossed with a few almonds and then some veggie sticks on the side.

    MTA: Also oven roasted veggies are DIVINE cold. I actually like them better that way.

    MTA2 (jeez) I also dont worry about refrigeration that much. All of us over 35 survived the metal lunch box with no insulation and no icepak just fine.
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    Roast beef or turkey slices wrapped around a variety of veggie strips - roasted red pepper, pickle, cucumber (marinated in apple cider vinegar), peppercinni's, carrot, zuchinni, slices of romaine or spinach, water chestnut, shredded beet, etc. I have a julienne peeler at home which makes prep short work. I make enough for several days and then assemble as needed. Roll everything up like a sushi roll, and bring a little vinegarette to dip in (or some primal mayo w/mustard) and mmmmm!!! It'll stay a few hours at room temp, but if you had a little cooler with an ice pack - that would be more ideal. Pack an apple or berries on the side and you're set.

    A hard boiled egg and an apple w/almond butter is what I eat for breakfast often, and I find that combo of fat/protein/fiber to be very effective. You can slice the apple up in advance and sprinkle it with citric acid or lemon juice to keep it from browning.

    Another great recipe that would keep find at room temp for awhile is 'beet slaw' - it's a package of the broccoli slaw from TJ's mixed with shredded beets, and tossed in a citrus vinegarette. It goes great with cold chicken.

    I used to have the same problem with my stomach when I added lots of veggies high in insoluble fiber. Cooking veggies breaks the insoluble fiber down into soluble fiber which is easier for your body to digest. So if the raw ones bother you - try any of these recipes with cooked ones. Most veggies cook up just as yummy as they are raw.
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    Get yourself an insulated lunch bag and some Blue Ice blocks for it. Then bring hard-boiled eggs, raw veggies, maybe a piece of fruit, some cheese if you do dairy, some jerky, leftover chicken from last night, the possibilities are endless. And bring the frigging bacon and ignore the people who stare. They'll stare more as your weight evaporates and be unable to wrap their heads around how you can eat OMG BACON and still be losing weight. Trust me on this.
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    How about investing in a Thermos to keep soups and leftovers hot?

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