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Thread: Butter but not milk?

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    Hi folks, can anyone explain to me why butter is considered a primal food but milk and cheese isn't?

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    High fat, super high fat, dairy can be an excellent "paleo cheat". Butter, ghee, cream, creme fraiche, certain cheese all are kosher for me day to day to fill in calories and fat as needed. All these sources are highly fatty, very low in carbs and casein (protein) and so achieve the metabolic standard I'm hoping to maintain.

    To keep to a strict Paleo way of eating, Dairy as a class would be out. But Primal ain't Paleo! So lots of interpretation there!

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    Milk has lactose - sugar - lectins, and other proteins that aren't so good for you.

    Butter and ghee are much, much less so. No lactose, I think, and far fewer proteins in butter, almost none. None in ghee.

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