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Thread: Dealing with Hormone imbalance/Jackie Warner???

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    Dealing with Hormone imbalance/Jackie Warner???

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    Well, I've been PB for 4 months now, and I haven't exactly seen much change. I cut out sugar over a year ago, but lived off of potatoes and fruit... for a year.. lol.

    Now that I'm primal, my cravings (from a former bulimic) are 99% non-existant. Which is a miracle!

    Unfortunately, I still feel like crap. Which I've self-diagnosed as a really bad hormone imbalance. (please trust me on this one)

    Aside from being strictly Primal with one recent primal binge on fruits.. I'm currently taking

    4000IU vit D
    Centrium Multivitamin
    Chaste Tree
    (just added 5-HTP)

    along with Hot/Cold showers, skin brushing, and massage

    Sorry to make you read all that!! But here's my dilemma:

    My sister got me Jackie Warner's "This is why youre fat" book instead of primal blueprint. And while Warner's diet has similarities, she suggests an exercise program of 20 mins/5 days a week aerobic INTENSE exercise followed by 30 min/3 days a week calisthenics.. I'm aware PB is about not so intense exercise.. so am I damaging my chances of balancing my hormones with Warner's exercise regimen? Have any of you been able to balance hormones? Adrenal issues? How long did it take you? What was the most notable factor in the change?

    TIA for all your wisdom!

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    too much exercise=inflammation=too much cortisol=hormone imbalance.

    Doing the PB Fitness workout, following the Primal Blueprint, supplementing with Vitamin D to sufficiency, going Primal and eating low carb (20 g net carbs) is helping me to balance my hormones. Patience is key.

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    Thanks dragonfly,

    I'm attempting to get the book so I can understand Primal fully. I guess I'll cut back a bit.

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