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Thread: Multivitamins and other supps

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    Multivitamins and other supps

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    The question re: vitamin D supplementation prompted me to post this.

    I am just about out of my 1-a-days with caffeine (it took me forever to purge them from my stocks), and wanted to know if there are any people here who take multivitamins and, if so, what brand and/or type of multivitamin do you take?

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    My current favorite is this: I'm a woman but choose men's b/c they are lower iron content (supplemental iron typically makes me feel sick.) I think cillakat recs this one as well--check her sigline for lots of helpful supplement recommendations.

    I think taking supplemental D3 and magnesium (citrate if tolerated, magnesium chloride oil transdermally, or something like the jigsaw time release mag--depending on what works best for you) is essential when taking a multi--that is what I would add to this multi personally, along with high DHA fish oil if you need it (or a good amount of fatty fish like salmon and a very low amount of O6 foods in general), probiotic foods (or supplemental probiotics) for a pretty all encompassing supplement program.

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    For multis, I take Innate Response Formulas Maximum Food and Juice Plus+ Orchard Blend. Both are made from whole, organic produce that is dehydrated and de-sugared in by a temperature-controlled (not spray-dried) process.

    Note that I only take the JP+ Orchard (fruit) capsules, not the Garden (veggie) ones, because the Garden capsules contain barley. They're certified gluten-free and contain only the bran (for fiber), but I suspect that means the phytate issue remains. So, I take Maximum Food for the veggies instead.

    I also take additional supps for D-3, magnesium, B-complex, iodine, E, and fish oil.

    When I run out of this stuff, I will probably stick to just the D, magnesium, iodine, and B for daily use. I'll keep the multis and fish oil around for additional support during time of injury or high stress.
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