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Thread: Need help with meat.

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    Wow, awesome info everyone! Thank you! I'm going to go nuts at the farmers' market on Sunday. My bf will definitely take the advice about ribeyes and t-bones to heart; he LOVES steak and loves that I do now, too!

    Even though I feel like a complete dunce in the kitchen all of a sudden, I haven't been excited about cooking in a few years and I am again. OTB, thanks for the note about grilling indoors. I have a grill pan like that that I've never used--I'll give it a shot.

    Thank you all SO MUCH for all this information and advice. This is so helpful--can't say I'll be brave enough to try chicken hearts anytime soon, though!

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    crunchysue, I will try anything once so I'll add hearts with the gizzards! Thanks for the tip.

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    Diagrams help me out, depending on local name differences etc

    I've found that because CW says lean is best, the nice fatty "traditional" cuts are usually also the cheapest - this is how I can just about afford organic/grassfed. Generally you can't go wrong with cheaper fatty cuts cooked slowly in stews / crockpots.

    I don't know what you already know, but while beef and lamb (and game such as duck) are fine to eat pink / rare, pork and chicken *must* be cooked well. Usual test is to poke hole in thickest part of meat and check colour of juices (they should run clear when well/thoroughly cooked).

    I didn't realise lamb was uncommon in America!

    Try looking up traditional recipes for classic flavour combinations - e.g. pork goes well with sage, apples. Lamb goes with rosemary or mint. Try chicken with lemon and/or thyme. Duck is delicious but a nice tart orange sauce cuts through the yummy taste. Quick tip for duck breasts - score the skin with a sharp knife and put that side down in a hot pan - this will render some of the fat, so when you flip it over the lean side will cook in its own juices.

    Apologies for the epic essay!

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    If you are not fond of liver taste you can mix some liver with egg yolks and a bit of mayo and make some deviled eggs. Yolk makes the taste of liver much milder and the two work together very well. hat helps.

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    I'm not a vegetarian, but spent many years never understanding how to, I guess you can say I came at it from a newbie pespective.

    The book "Born to Grill" has excellent grilling instructions for all meat with precise minute times (which I really needed when I first started out)

    Burgers are a great way to start & usually pretty fatty

    Pot Roasts are wonderful way to try meat and you get several servings at once. This recipe has good pictures:

    For liver go for a good liver pate. Wonderful stuff.

    And...we do stick w/ grass-fed meat.

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