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Thread: GERD new issue, need some help

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    Don't know if anyone suggested this, but I've had this feeling, and my ENT doctor said I probably had this:

    Globus pharyngis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Basically to get rid of it, I had to stop drinking red wine every night, eating fatty food before bed
    and chill the fark out.

    It was BAD. Lump in the throat, like I had a piece of meat down there, felt like I couldn't breathe, sucked.

    My husband also gets it when he's REALLY super duper stressed out. Which is VERY rare, but when it happens,
    globus comes along with it. Bites.


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    a little update, thank you all for your help.
    It ended up being calmed by anxyolytics... so it was stress: globus.

    I do have hiatal hernia though as well as thyroid issues. So too many things to know. It is better now after the anxyolytics, which I'm stopping.

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    I just read a great article about this today...even though you thankfully figured it out, you still might be interested in this:

    What Everybody Ought To Know (But Doesn’t) About Heartburn & GERD

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    I had GERD AND ANXIETY, and once I went primal and followed some safe eating GERD practices everything went away, I would eat slow and smaller meals, don't drink liquid after meals or with, maybe a few sips of water, don't lay down 4 hours after you eat, and watch coffee and booze. Once I had all that under control the throat feeling went away.

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    Hi Folks, new member here. I found this site after having a bout with GERD. I am 48 and have been increasing heartburn etc to the point where I was taking tums or rolaids several times a week..usually at night. Had chest pain one day and went to my doctors and he checked me out and gave me a GI cocktail (Maalox and a numbing agent). I was able to belch and then felt fine. He said it was GERD and recommended Nexium or one of those things. I took it for the 14 day period and no GERD, but I hated that food sitting in your stomach feeling. I started researching and it brought me to Mark's Daily Apple. Started eating 80% paleo, taking the hcl with pepsin and the DGL tablets. Now several months later GERD is gone except for the occasional tight throat feeling. How long before that is gone completely? And for how long should I take the HCL? Thanks!

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