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    So this pig liver was huge, so I had tons of leftovers. I decided to get a little creative.

    Cook liver (or use leftovers.)

    Chop and put it in a food processor until ground like cooked hamburger.

    Dice onion and add to the processor- grind more.

    Add an egg and mix well.

    Put mixture into a bowl and add nut flour until you have a nice "pastey" texture.

    Spoon onto a hot, greased pan and cook (sorta like pancakes.)

    I topped mine with a bit of aged gouda and spicy brown mustard.

    (Sorry I don't have measurements. I cook by sight.)

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    Diana, that sounds pretty good. I'll have to give it a try. I make a chicken liver pate that is a bit like that. Patties might be a good way to eat that, too. Thanks!

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    I bet that stuff would be awesome stuffed into a natural sausage casing for some homemade liverwurst. Any seasoning beside the onion?

    I've got some beef liver and fat back, DR, and I've been looking for inspiration. You're giving me some EVIL ideas.... Thanks!

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    Another idea for ya...

    With a beautiful big pig's liver I would definitely make liver-pate...the way my grandmother used to make it in Denmark. Here's a recipe I found. This is awesome stuff (I grew up eating it):

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