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    Satiety and weight loss eating Primally

    Primal Fuel
    I've never needed to "lose weight" before, so I thought I'd have to feel a bit hungry while I was dropping my body fat on my 20 net carbs, 1500 calorie "diet." (I generally eat 1700-2000 calories to maintain.)

    Well, I did feel hungry in the evenings for the first 8 days of my "diet", but I told my body to eat my belly fat and distracted myself by reading.

    Tonight I noticed that I was full after my last meal! In fact, I wasn't very hungry at all today...and my energy level was great!

    This makes a lot of sense to me, from what Mark has said about needing fewer calories to feel full when eating a Primal diet.

    Now I just have to deal with not feeling deprived while I am on a calorie deficit--and perhaps drop my calories by another 100 and see how I feel...but I'll stay at this level for another week.

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    Great stuff! It's a nice feeling when you realize you can have such fine control over your body and how you want it to function.
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