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Thread: "sea tangle" noodles

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    this sounds almost like sol long tung (sp?) but more spicey with veges. there is a recipe for sol long tung in norishing traditions i loved except i never like the rice and noodles in it. noodles at a pinch but i am not big on rice. i havent had it for years now so i am going to give this a go but i will use zucchini noodles as we cant get kelp noodles unless i work out a way to julienne the kelp out of the ocean here. are the kelp noodles dried or like fresh pasta when you get them?

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    I made Primal Mac 'n' Cheese tonight with Sea Tangle noodles. 'Twas delightful. I just drained off the water, separated them out of their tangle, put in a casserole dish with shredded cheese and nuked (could be oven baked too).

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