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Thread: Coffee Love

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    I drink 3-4 cups (two mugs) of fair trade organic dark roast every morning. With organic (usually) half and half. I do know that I have an addiction, in that I'd get a monster headache and fatigue by midday if I didn't have it, but I also think coffee has health benefits or not much detriment anyway.

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    Coffee/Caffeine == evil!
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    I love coffee, it is probably one of the greatest gifts to mankind ever! (Not including a nice juicy T-Bone steak!)

    My favorite coffees are dark roast organic shade grown coffees. I just moved to Florida and I miss the coffee from a local shop back home in Oregon that was the best ever. I also recently got a cuban coffee maker, which is essentially a stove top espresso maker. I use it to make myself homemade americano's. I like my coffee both black or with a small dollop of heavy cream. I used to drink my coffee predominantly black but I actually started using heavy cream when I switched to paleo/primal.

    Best cup of coffee I've ever had was this cup of turkish espresso (something like that) at a middle eastern turkish restaurant. Worst cup of coffee ever was when I was working at a Salmon cannery in Alaska as a summer job while in college. One day the water pumps got all screwed up, and sea water got into the drinking water pipes, the coffee was essentially salty coffee. It was awful! I still have nightmares about that cup of coffee.

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    I love coffee. I drink 2-3 cups a day, and it used to be more. I like a really dark roast and I drink it black. I occasionally buy something fancy, but I have a President's choice dark roast that I find acceptable for my daily morning coffees. I but extra in the french press and make it extra strong.

    I've had amazing espresso at a Vietnamese restaurant here. You can get it on its own or with sweetened condensed milk. Either way it's intense.

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    I'm so cheap with coffee, I'm actually a big fan of ... don't laugh ... Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut but I buy it and make it myself... so that's like, you know, more legit?

    I don't care, I like it. I don't really like strong coffees like the type you get at starbucks, so I guess I'm far from a coffee connoisseur. My family gets either regular Dunkin Donuts medium blend or the hazelnut stuff.

    Oh man, does this mean I run on Dunkin? I'm going to start drawing a spear on the little dude on their logo.

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    Firstly, Thank you for starting a coffee love thread! There was too much hate from a certain speedy feline going around.

    I love the African coffees. A nice medium roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in a French press is a beautiful thing. I usually get them overnighted from supply companies to keep the freshness. There is a coffee shop at home that makes a MochaEspresso. It's basically a dark chocolate mocha without the milk. Triple Espresso on a dollop of chocolate. Phenomenal.

    I have to drink Maxwell House at work, but buy Mello Joy when i get a chance. The Coffee and Chicory New Orleans blends are really good every once in a while. I swing over to Cafe Du Monde when I get a chance in NOLA.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saoirse View Post
    primal toad- maybe i should add tea, too. what are your favorite teas?
    I don't drink it often at all... not even once a week. I don't have a favorite as I have drank quite a large variety... Matcha green tea is supposed to be the best for you as its LOADED with antioxidants compared with regular commercial green tea.
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    Cafe con leche!!! Or anything with the word cafe, joe, expresso, java, macchiato, cappuccino, mocha, and coffee in or related to, ingredients wise. The Keurig Single cup coffee brewer is my pride and joy.
    Also, I highly recommend YERBA MATE. I know its not coffee, but your life may change if consumed in small amounts authentically.

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    Quote Originally Posted by New Renaissance View Post
    A nice medium roast Ethiopian Yirgacheffe in a French press is a beautiful thing.

    Nicely put. I drank African coffee almost exclusively for a couple of years but have branched out in the last few years. I just French pressed a very nice coffee from Bali, which was excellent. I generally order my coffee from Seth, the owner, is a genuinely nice guy and he visits many of the small farmers from which he gets his coffee. He also gives discounts to military, firefighters, police and other first responders. His coffee got me through many a crappy day in Iraq.

    I drink coffee for different reasons. A cup or two in the morning gets my going and a couple in the evening help me unwind. It is strange how the same beverage can have opposite effects.

    As for tea, I've been enjoying a hot cinnamon tea lately and am a fan of peppermint tea. Green tea actually makes me feel nauseous. I have no idea why, but I can't drink it.

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