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Thread: Coffee Love

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    I like coffee, but generally prefer to drink yerba mate. It makes my stomach hurt less, and I don't need to add sugar, because the coconut milk is good enough. I have to have sugar in my coffee.

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    I go back and forth between Folgers and the Hawaiian coffee from TJ's. I do love my French Press and it makes any coffee taste delish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rivvin View Post
    They are the exact same thing.
    oh good to know. i could order online the moka pot (glass+stainless steel) or i could just buy a fully stainless steel one at a local store. the otto looks awesome, but i can't justify spending more than $30 here.

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    I have a mokka pot, but it stays in the cabinet because it takes so much prep to get it perfect. If it's just a little off, the extraction sucks, or it burns or both. My go to cup is a French Press. Second is a Hario V60 Pour-over. I have been playing around with a chemex pot lately, but it doesn't do it for me. DOn't get me wrong, it blows away the drip machine, but the V60 is just so much better (same basic preparation). You can totally geek out on coffee, but if you want a really awesome, strong cup of black gold. My vote is for the French press.

    My suggestion would be to buy the Mr. Coffee 32 oz. press pot at your local big box Wal-Fart store, and if you only use it every once in a while, then you are only out $17.95 or whatever.

    And Rivvin, I respect you superior coffee making apparati collection, I'm a bit jealous.

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    Lots of disjoint thoughts on coffee:

    I love the taste of french press but can't handle caffeine as well as I used to and it seems to be stronger than drip. When I get Starbucks now, I get an Americano because all they drip anymore is Pike Place (which my brother and I refer to as Poop Place) and they tend to overextract and overheat their drip anyway. I've gotten coffee at Sprouts a couple times - they have a Jamaican Blue Mountain blend that is pretty good. Trader Joe's Tarrazu is pretty tasty as well. The best coffee I've gotten is from a place called Polly's in Long Beach in the Belmont Shore neighborhood.

    I made cold press once a couple summers ago: take 1 cup of coarse grounds (french press grind) and add 4 cups of filtered water. Cover and leave for 24 hours. Filter how you see fit. I just titrated it back and forth until most of the grounds were left behind but if you don't like chewy coffee at the bottom of the mug, you could run it through a strainer or coffee filter. This was incredibly smooth, intensely flavored, and must have had about twice the caffeine (or more) as drip.

    I always drink my coffee with a generous amount of heavy whipping cream.

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    I take my coffee seriously. Conical Burr Grinder...French Press...fresh roasted beans from the farmers market. Nothing in the coffee, just black so I can taste the wonderful complexity that fresh beans give.

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    prib81- that's cold-brew (sorry i had to correct you as i've made the mistake myself). that's how i've had my coffee lately, as i'm still out a coffee-making apparatus (aside from the drip coffee maker, but that doesn't count). i've actually stayed with decaf lately and haven't noticed any withdrawals at all. i honestly drink it for the taste (the decaf is called "black rhin0" and it's SWP, roasted at a locally-owned joint). i have a chiro appt. tomorrow morning, so i'm thinking of stopping at another coffee place to get a cold-pressed coffee (as opposed to the cold-brew which is in my fridge). i think i'll bring my own 1/2&1/2 though.

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