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Thread: Dont let the numbers on the scale fool you.

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    Red face Dont let the numbers on the scale fool you.

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    I dont believe the scale marks your true progress. Before starting my primal journey (again) I was on a 3 month eating bender. I ate everything and anything. My boyfriend told me he never met a girl who could eat so much. I kept eating because the scale showed I wasnt gaining a pound. I figured why not eat if Im not gaining weight. I would eat so much at times that all I could do was lay in bed feeling sick, gassy and bloated. I would weigh myself every day and same weight 136-138. If I ate a lot of salty foods I would be at the high end. I live in Hawaii so I'm always in dresses which are very forgiving if you gain weight so it takes a while to tell especially because I gain evenly all over. Until I tried on my jeans and a fitted skirt and Yikes I couldnt even get the zipper on the skirt close enough to zip up and my jeans were so tight and I had major muffin top. My workout tops were all tight and hugged my belly where before they were loose. I finally went to the doctor because I felt dizzy, extremely tired and depressed everyday I couldnt even get out of bed unless I worked. He did tests on me and showed I was normal. So for New Years I went strict primal after 1 week all my symptoms I went to the doctor for were gone, after 2 weeks all my clothes fit perfectly again. The scale however showed me @ 132 after my first, week yay a good loss. Then my second week showed me between 133-135. This morning 135. I finally I threw the scale far under my bed and got my tightest jean skirt out and yep it fits again and its a little loose. So now I'm going strictly by measurements and how my clothes fit. My boyfriend says he sees the biggest difference in my thighs less cellulite and they look stronger. I see progress but I dont want the scale to throw me off track and put me back on a feeding frenzy cause I'm depressed its not moving. I look in the mirror and I look less jiggly and much tighter and leaner. Screw the scale! I feel about 10#'s smaller my energy is through the roof. Yay! I wont be weighing myself to check my progress any more. Im only doing measurements, seeing how my clothes fit and photos. I might weigh in about once a month out of curiosity. I'm lifting weights and doing spin 3 days a week, riding my bike and taking long walks. So dont be discouraged by the scale if it's not showing you what you want to see!

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    congrATS!! and +1 for this post, i have gained like 25lbs on primal and i dont 'look' to different despite my body comp and muscle tone has improved 10 fold!! stonger ass and hips and my jean size has gone up but i looke 100% better

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    Great post!
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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    I agree completely! My scale showed all of 2 lbs down this week, but I feel so much better. And I think I look better in the mirror, at least I can see myself in a better eye. I don't look in the mirror and think ugh, I look so awful - I look in the mirror and think what have I done to myself, at least I'm on the right track and I'm getting stronger. I was lying in bed this morning, being a bum about getting up, and I feel stronger. I feel better. I'm slowly learning that those are the things that really count.

    Still scared to try on the jeans! :P

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    +1 to all. Numbers are stupid.

    After a big long bike ride last week, we "rewarded" ourselves with pizza. It tasted really good but we were both bloaty for 2 days afterwards. I think i'm beginning to lose my luv for pizza. And i can't just scrape the stuff off the crust. Crust tastes good. But bloat sux.

    OP keep doing what you're doing.

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    This is from a post I made on a blog a while ago:

    Out of curiosity, I have been tracking my caloric intake for the last week or so just to give me an idea of what I am eating, how much energy I am consuming, as well as what my nutrient intake is like. So far, my average intake of all known essential nutrients are above the RDA except for calcium. Am I worried about that? No, not really because I think the bigger issue is about calcium balance - not losing more than you are gaining. I wonder how the government and nutritional wizards out there can explain how I manage to get all of my vitamins and minerals without eating grains, tiny amounts of fruits and veggies and a rare smidgen of dairy here and there. I am hazarding a guess that all the information we hear about needing to eat bread, cereal, fruit, and dairy is driven much more by the slick marketing of the companies that sell these products than about the reality of human nutrition - much like the current media bombardment of yogurt and probiotics. Pretty soon everyone will be bending over backwards to make sure they get their daily does of probiotics and all to the benefit of the yogurt manufacturers - wake up and smell the damn coffee, people. I wonder what healthy-must-have-gonna-die-without-it, mass-marketed food product is coming at us next?

    Anyway, last week from Monday to Thursday I averaged 1,723 calories and my weight on Thursday was 187 lbs. Friday I ate 3,160 calories and weighed 186 lbs. Saturday I ate 3,176 calories and weighed 188 lbs. Sunday I ate 3,258 calories and weighed 193 lbs. Yesterday I ate 1,845 calories and weighed 188 lbs and this morning I weigh 186 lbs. and will eat my usual 1700-1800 cal for the rest of the week. So the couple days over the weekend where I ate a lot more than I usually do didn't do anything to my weight over the long term in fact I ended up right where I was from before eating more.

    So from Friday to Sunday I "gained" 7 lbs. Most people would be horrified, but you will see that come this morning I didn't end up gaining a single pound despite eating almost twice what I normally eat and tomorrow morning I'll probably be down to 185 lbs. I think the idea here is to control consumption of carbohydrates (sugar) and don't overeat every single day of every single month - we didn't evolve to have 3000 calories a day every single day of our lives. Overeating (proper foods) here and there won't do any harm and daily fluctuations of the scale do not mean you are gaining or losing fat. The body is in a constant cycle of water, waste, and food so the scale can easily vary 2-3 lbs daily or in my case, 7 lbs over the weekend.

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    I'm one of those "gain weight evenly all over" folks and I can put on quite a bit of fat when it's spread out over 5'8" before I really notice what's going's a blessing and a curse I supposed LOL
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