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Thread: The Quick Version: Pack it in, IF, Variations

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    k., if you are referring to weight changing with "the time of the month", you would still seem month to month differences. Hopefully. In other words, at the same day of the cycle.

    If you mean truly, daily, regardless of cycle, well, that I can't, um, weigh in on. Why would that be the case? Don't lots of women get on scales daily, with the understanding that depending on time of the month, it will go up or down some?

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    Otb, no, I am not referring to just time of month. Yes, that probably has an affect too, but I wouldn't know becasue my system is in remission from being anorexic (it's been 2 years or so since I am cycled). We jut go up and down based on water every few days--at least I do. Beyond that I don't know...

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