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    Natural Calm -- with or without calcium?

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    I'm nearly out of my magnesium supp and have decided to replace it with Natural Calm. It's available with or without calcium. I understand (at least on a basic level) the relationship between magnesium and calcium, but I'm uncertain regarding whether the added calcium is necessary/wise. Any advice?
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    I'm a little confused about this issue myself. I know that I need to supplement magnesium for various reasons but I'm unsure about calcium. Vitamin D is also important. CW has beat the calcium drum to the exclusion of mag and D for so long that I think many have gotten paranoid about calcium. I have both types of Natural Calm. I take the calcium in the morning and then several doses of mag throughout the day. Hopefully someone will come along and straighten us out. Here's what Mark has had to say: Calcium for women
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    My thing with calcium, though, is that I've heard it can block the absorption of other vitamins & minerals you may take with it. I try to take it mid-day, by itself.
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    I think in your place I'd go for the mag supplement without the calcium, as long as your Vitamin D status is good.

    I use a very basic rule to see if I need more magnesium ... if I am getting up in the morning, and I stretch my legs, and the calves feel a little crampy, I need more magnesium. If I'm not sleeping long enough at night, I might need more magnesium. I'm not sure how valid this is, but it works for me.

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