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Thread: Any other college-age primals?

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    By the way, I got off on the allergy reason. I am very allergic to Soy. And thank God for it.

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    klcarbaugh, that does sound kind of bad

    I never lived on campus and got through 6 years of college living on my own. I think I'm too independent to stand someone telling me that I HAVE to have their meal plans or I HAVE to live with someone I don't care much about. As long as there are other options out there, I'll do anything in my power to have it the way I want to have it.

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    Kind of reviving this topic as i'm in residence, with a meal plan, new to primal eating and trying to navigate the cafeteria. Unfortunately, i'll likely be in the same situation next year too. How bad are deli meats? I know Mark is very against them but if it's the best I can do some days, is it better off? Most of the meats they serve at our cafeteria seem heavily processed but occasionally there is real steak, chicken, etc. The salad bar is definitely a lifessaver, and there's bacon, eggs, sausage every morning. Another aside, how many hard boiled eggs a day is too many? They are the easiest.

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