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    I am new to PB eating. So far (8 days), it has been easy to make modifications to my diet. I am feeling great and not craving carbs.

    But I still am drinking my 2.5 or 3 cups of black coffee every morning. And I am still working out a little harder than Mark recommends.

    What are the PB thoughts about coffee. Good, bad or neutral?

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    If I remember correctly from the book Mark said coffee is okay if not used for an energy crutch. That said, I think he said to limit the number to a couple of cups a day. I drink it and will keep drinking it. I tried to quit once while in the Army and was ordered to start drinking it again.

    Apparently canio6 - coffee = not a good combination.

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    Don't know about general PB thoughts, but I love the stuff (though only until early afternoon).
    Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.

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    I don't care what anyone says, no force on earth can separate me from my coffee. That being said, I'm glad that it's officially considered ok in moderation despite not being paleo. I have cut back since I went paleo, so now I only have 2 or sometimes 3 cups in a day, and generally I have those 2 cups first thing in the morning. I don't like to drink it later in the day anymore. I used to drink coffee all day long, like it was water.

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    Quote Originally Posted by katydid317 View Post
    I used to drink coffee all day long, like it was water.

    Some one once asked me how much water I drink a day. I responded, "I drink at least 8 cups of filtered water a day...filtered through coffee beans." >.>

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    Tried to give it up, success not so great. Not even and energy source for me anymore, just a habit in the morning while getting ready. I try to substitute white tea whenever possible to get more benefit.

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    Like canio6 said, it is fine in moderation, but should not be used for an energy crutch. The biggest concern with coffee is that it can mask the symptoms of other issues that should to be addressed, like inadequate sleep, inadequate natural light, poor nutrition, sedentary lifestyle, etc.

    I personally believe that everyone should try weaning themselves off coffee for at least a couple weeks so they can get an idea of their natural energy levels to assess how well the rest of their lifestyle is working.
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    Caffeine helps with with muscle glycogen resynthesis when refeeding with carbs after a workout. Drink it with your veggies and tubers (if any). :-)

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    Coffee is evil. People are so addicted to it though that they see no evil. Seriously give it up for two months, sleep more, switch to tea and you will realize it is just like any other drug people get addicted to. And let's not kid ourselves about the coffee being appealing -- coffee is just a delivery mechanism for hundreds of milligrams of caffeine. Oh it isn't? Why aren't you drinking your drip decaf?

    coffee and chemical dependency == evil

    I don't care what Mark Sisson claims! (he does after all want PB to be as easy to adopt as possible - ergo "dairy and coffee are ok")
    ad astra per aspera

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    i drink decaf. coffee isn't healthy, it leeches minerals from your bones and is addictive and effects your adrenals. it isn't the worst thing ever, but don't tell yourself it is healthy.

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