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    first, i don't see any reason or validity in chastising someone about this.

    it is one thing to bring up an question of hormonal/adrenal health and talk about what elements of our diets impact that negatively: sugar, alcohol, caffeine, stress (positive and negative), and then discuss how to reduce these things.

    it's also one thing to assert to someone begging the question regarding coffee that caffeine can have a great impact on one's adrenal health and here is the information regarding that.

    it is an entirely different thing to become a judgmental PITA about it. it is not my job, or yours, or anyone else's, or ours, to police what people choose to do. we come here to find support and insight about the primal blueprint and our own take on it. sure, i might think that person eats too many "primal" baked goods and that's why s/he is not seeing the results that s/he wants. I might also think that so-and-so is a 'fat drunk' (j/k it's in the CW funnies post). someone else might consider me a complete nut job. my opinion of them is -- guess what? -- none of their business. likewise, their opinion of me is none of my business.

    what is my business on this website is to provide information and support for whatever choice the person makes even if i disagree. honestly, that's it. so if people here want to continue to consume coffee or alcohol or PUFAs or ding dongs in copious amounts, it isn't any of my business. All i can do it provide articles/opinions when they ask, and that's it.

    second, i wasn't putting forth a red herring, but rather asserting that tea does contain caffeine, and if we are looking at the effect of caffeine on a system, then even modest amounts of caffeine in tea can be considered. at what point does one (or a group) determine that a certain amount is "acceptable" if caffeine (not coffee!) is the problem for the adrenals, and what the impact of that is? and, who would be more vulnerable to caffeine-adrenal situations than others? are their classes of people for whom it would be more of an issue (eg, adrenal fatigue, pregnant women, etc?)?

    it's also not really a similar comparison. Dark chocolate vs ding dongs are not quite as night/day as coffee and tea from a flavor standpoint. in your ding dong, you still get chocolate flavor and sweetness, though loads more sugar. and even closer comparison would be telling someone to switch from milk to dark.

    but with this, there really isn't a coffee-flavored tea. so, even that doesn't function well as a comparative aspect. i think that the closest comparison may be a tea made of acorns, but even that doesn't really taste like coffee (and honestly, i have no clue as to the caffeine aspect of acorn tea).

    third, i hate to sound like a tea snob, but in truth, i am. celestial seasonings is cheap tea. of course, to keep the tannins low, one must steep it less, which would mean getting even less caffeine. and, i will drink cheap tea, to be honest -- any manner of cheap, bagged tea. but my preference is for high quality, loose leaf teas using my eva solo tea pot. that's just how i am about tea.

    it is likely that i drink about 1-2 pots of tea daily, and what tea i drink varies from day to day. i currently have (at home) nursing tea (which i don't use and so will be passing on), peppermint tea (a medicinal blend just for me), chamomile, green, and roobois. at the office, we also have black and a non-medicinal peppermint. so, i'm obviously not getting a lot of caffeine.

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    I was never a coffee drinker till lately. After reading the Bulletproof Exec site I decided I'd drink a single bean roast because it might be "good" as opposed to a blend which is "bad". I feel no ill effects but wonder if it causes fat gain. Dumbest post of the day likely.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFastCat View Post
    Coffee is evil. People are so addicted to it though that they see no evil. Seriously give it up for two months, sleep more, switch to tea and you will realize it is just like any other drug people get addicted to. And let's not kid ourselves about the coffee being appealing -- coffee is just a delivery mechanism for hundreds of milligrams of caffeine. Oh it isn't? Why aren't you drinking your drip decaf?

    coffee and chemical dependency == evil

    I don't care what Mark Sisson claims! (he does after all want PB to be as easy to adopt as possible - ergo "dairy and coffee are ok")
    Quote Originally Posted by TheFastCat View Post
    Drink your adrenals out homies. Disfreakingusting.
    Starbucks to roll out biggest drink size yet - Business - US business - Food Inc. -

    for more fun- Google "cortisol and coffee" - elevated cortisol levels for up to 18 hours after consuming coffee. Yikes.

    @Zoe- My white tea contains 15 mg of caffeine per serving and my Rooibos and green teas have zero. There are dozens of Celestial Seasonings style herbal teas that are also decaffeinated. I don't understand the context of referencing teas that are highly caffeinated. For instance if you tell me dark chocolate is a tasty dessert I could replace my Ding dongs with and I tell you "no thanks Hershey bars are loaded with sugar"; that's not really anything except a red herring.

    @coffee zombies: enjoy your coffee if you must! I just don't understand addiction as a comfort food when you have made such strides in other parts of your diet to cut out the crap. I would think that increased cortisol levels, cortisol resistance, chemical dependence, would be sure sign that your body is not better for regularly consuming coffee.

    coffee == evil!

    There's a big brown elephant in the corner of a lot of so called Primals cupboards! Can act like the dependence and negative affect on your cortisol levels doesn't exist! But it does! And he's real! And he's staining your teeth!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynna View Post
    Dig that emoticon. I love my good coffee. I'm trying it with coconut oil, which is interesting
    If you have a problem with what you read: 1. Get a dictionary 2. Don't read it 3. Grow up 4. After 3, go back to 1/ or 2. -- Dennis Blue. | "I don't care about your opinion, only your analysis"- Professor Calabrese. | "Life is more important than _______" - Drew | I eat animals that eat vegetables -- Matt Millen, former NFL Linebacker. | "This country is built on sugar & shit that comes in a box marinated in gluten - abc123

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    interesting stuff here, trying to get used to black but not liking it

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFastCat View Post
    That's just a straw man argument right there.
    I like a little weed with my straw man.

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    I am amused by this thread. If you replace the words 'coffee' with 'bread' and 'de-caf' with 'gluten-free bread' Then you guys sound almost exactly like trying to convince non-primal folks that they should quit eating grains. Just sayin'!

    (p.s. I'm sitting in the sun at the coffee shop sipping my weekend latte made with full caffeine coffee and low heat pasteurized, organic, grass-fed, milk...)

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    I like drinking coffee. coffee is beneficial for health. it is reduce depression. coffee is good for heart. It also gives freshness to the mind, it also developed power protection system.

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