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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFastCat View Post
    Coffee is evil.
    coffee and chemical dependency == evil
    At times one just has to embrace that evil. And so it is--at the rate of several cups a day.
    Retirement has afforded me the ultimate affluence, that of free time (Sahlins/Wells)

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    I drink it every morning. I have 6 cups if you base it on a 6 oz serving, so that's a half a pot each morning. I just like it. But I never drink it at any other time of the day. Once my morning is over, I'm done drinking it.

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    I am glad I asked!!! So far, I am doing well adopting the BP diet. My goal: break my caffeine addiction-- and then use in moderation.

    Thanks, for weighing in.

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    I really don't see how it could affect anything other than catching a disease. I haven't read the whole book PB, but I'm sure there is no "correct way" to have sex. I also believe, that the quote I use on a daily basis for these kind of things is a proper fit:

    "The more the merrier!"

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    /rolleyes at "tea can have more caffeine that coffee" obviously I would be talking about non caffeinated teas? Rooibos/Green/White/Herbal etc. That's just a straw man argument right there. As for the antioxidant argument - the amount of coffee that needs to be consumed (as per Robb Wolf) to realize the antioxidant benefits of coffee is very very little. And lots of teas have the same benefit are alkalizing and do not contain caffeine.

    Compare the antioxidant dosage needed to realize the "health benefits" of coffee to the starbucks intravenous drip the population needs in order to function in their sleep deprived mornings - yeah not comparable. And then the caffeine effects the quality of your sleep (whether or not you realize or care) - making you less rested the next morning - and zing WANTING MORE COFFEE! A vicious cycle driving the US Gross National Product and supported on the "grounds" (ha ha) of a pseudo-health food along with the assertion "I don't need it"; yeah right. You need it.

    This is my favorite:

    Quote Originally Posted by paleo_rob View Post
    Depending on how its made, tea often has more caffeine than coffee.

    I enjoy caffeine, it is a great little drug, helps me workout harder and gives me a nice mental boost when required.

    Quote Originally Posted by paleo_rob View Post
    Depending on how its made, tea often has more caffeine than coffee.

    I enjoy cocaine, it is a great little drug, helps me workout harder and gives me a nice mental boost when required.
    I dare all of your coffee apologists to go without it for 60 days. Chemical dependence is not Primal. You were not born broken and in need of chemical boost in order to function properly. I could argue that whole grains are healthy for the amount of soluble and insoluble fiber they contain. Turning a blind eye to the trojan horse of caffeine inside every venti you guzzle down... I dare you to do more!
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    Personally, I make no health claims for coffee, only happiness claims. :-)
    Started PB late 2008, lost 50 lbs by late 2009. Have been plateaued, but that thing may just be biting the dust: more on that later.

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    I personally used to have 1-2 espressi a day, quit drinking coffee without seeing any effects, and now am back to drinking it, occasionally -- still haven't noticed any changes. The only reason I've cut down the volume is that I decided to get the espresso machine out of the kitchen, so now I only have it from the cafe.

    Yes, caffeine is a drug. In moderate amounts, the body can handle it. In excess, not so much. I think they say it's about 5 6-oz cups (regular brewed coffee) you can have a day before you risk caffeine addiction and the headaches that come with them. Obviously if you have adrenal issues you'll want to limit or eliminate your intake.

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    I've worked in the coffee industry for 15 years. Caffeine really doesn't do anything to me. I drink about three Americanos a day and do multiple coffee tastings throughout the day. I have gone three and a half months without any tea or coffee in the past and noticed absolutely no difference to my energy levels or my life long inability to sleep well. I see tea and coffee simply as a warm comfort drink. I have never been a fan of cold drinks and hate ice in anything. Mostly I noticed a change when I limited the dairy and cut sugar from my coffee and tea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Melody View Post
    i drink decaf. coffee isn't healthy, it leeches minerals from your bones and is addictive and effects your adrenals. it isn't the worst thing ever, but don't tell yourself it is healthy.
    For anyone drinking decaf, be sure you are getting Swiss Water Processed (SWP) decaf. This is a special process of decaffeinating the beans that uses no chemicals. Most other decaffeination processes utilize formaldehyde or other toxic-to-you chemicals.

    For what its worth, we spoke with someone at our local Whole Foods recently, and our particular store carried ONLY water-processed decaf coffees. It should be all Whole Foods, but check to be sure. Whole Foods brand decafs are SWP decaf too.

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