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    Talking Friday Afternoon Funnies

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    Alright folks, these guys are hardly primal, but the things they do with bacon (and meat in general) is hilarious. Sit back and watch a few of their vids--feel free to adapt their recipes for one giant primal feast

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    OMG. I love the bacon-lined dish. Can't say I'd go for all of the processed meat in that meal, but with a few tweaks... yes Yes YES!!!!

    Thanks for the laugh.
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    I love those epicmeal guys. The first one I saw was their turbaconepic, where they wrapped a few different birds up in bacon and then wrapped it in suckling pig and served it with baconators. I'd never eat that way, and yet so many people I know think my paleo friend and I are that same kind of insane. Probably thanks to our bacon nacho idea.

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