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Thread: Steve Rinella: The Wild Within page

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    Steve Rinella: The Wild Within

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    Have any of you caught this new show on the Travel Channel Sunday nights at 9? Absolutely amazing stuff for those of us that are primal/paleo. Shows him hunting and fishing all over the world for his own food. Addicting stuff. He's my new fave on the Travel Channel next to Tony Bourdain.

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    I've recorded it but haven't watched it yet...maybe tonight! And I love Tony too! :-) We don't do cupcakes. We still don't do cupcakes.

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    I'd really like to watch it... this is the first show in literally *years* that has made me wish I had cable/satellite! Hope it comes on torrents or Hulu (et al.) sometime ...
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    I've seen an episode and thought it was good. I like his attitude toward hunting. Very much like my own.
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    I just watched the re-run of the second episode. I also enjoyed his attitude toward hunting and appreciating the gifts of nature. I plan on watching the first episode when it re-airs on Saturday evening. I loved watching him kill the buffalo and create the buffalo boat. I'm looking forward to the new episode on Sunday.

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    Holy shit... this guy is from Michigan and graduated from Grand Vallery State University (GVSU). I have lived in Grand Rapids, MI my entire 22.5 years of existence. I went to GVSU for 2 semesters and my bro graduated from there.

    Small world, eh?

    Great article here:
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    I love the show. He has a very Primal approach to living. I already have a post as well on this show.

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    Honestly, I expected to not like it. I do, though. He is one of my favorites on that channel, right after Andrew Zimmern.
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    Hopefully it'll end up on Hulu at some point, otherwise, I'll have to wait until it's on video! I really think it sounds great, but nothing's enough to make me pay for cable TV.
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    Great show. Really liked it. I have wanted to get into hunting and this inspires me even more. I just don't have the time right now. Poor excuse I know. Usually when I have a free day we are working on the house or I go golfing. =)
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