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Thread: Lamb vs. Beef tallow

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    It's good to get a reminder that even though I eat all kinds of crazy stuff there are still things that I'm too squeamish to give a try.

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    See, I love lamb. I especially love lamb fat. Cold lamb with a thick rind of fat on it, mmmmmmmm. I was however raised on more gamey meats than most, not just lamb but venison and rabbit. I love elk and bear meat when I can get it too. Lamb fat has a graininess to it that most people don't like, and it does leave that wierd coating, but thats what makes it all the better for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zed View Post
    First, word of warning. If you don't have enough space to store Tallow in your freezer and refrigerator, do NOT buy. I made that mistake. I should have bought a couple of 2.25 pounds containers.
    If the tallow needs to be refrigerated to be stored than its not made properly. Properly rendered fat can be stored at room temp.

    Beef tallow tastes better than lamb tallow.

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    I prefer lamb fat to beef fat - more flavour. This is why lamb is much better for casseroles and curries than is beef
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