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Thread: Brined Turkey

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    Brined Turkey

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    Would brined turkey be considered primal? Most brines consist of a sugar/salt mixture with some aromatics thrown in. If the sugar was replaced with honey or maple syrup, would that make a difference? We have a turkey left over in the freezer from Christmas. I don't much care for turkey roasted just the way it is, too much like cardboard.

    That brings me to my next question, has anyone ever made a TurDucKen? It's a Turkey stuffed with a duck with a chicken. If you haven't you should try it. Makes for incredibly moist meat. I even went so far as to bone all three birds first to make slicing easier. Made it for Christmas about 8 or 9 years ago for a party of 14. Not much left at the end of the meal, maybe 2 lbs. The 'frankenbird' weighed close to 18 lbs pre-roast.

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    I always brine my turkey but it's with salt, spices, vinegar, water, ice. No sugar.

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    This link is to the dry brine recipe my friend used this Thanksgiving, and it was delicious. Kosher salt is the basic ingredient. Anything else is optional. You definitely don't need anything sweet. I'd go black pepper and fine herbs myself.


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