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    What do you gorge on?

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    I know we're supposed to eat to satisfaction, not until full, (and I usually do) but I can never help it with baby back ribs! Seriously. I need to start making less at a time and not two or three half-racks with the intention of putting some away... because that never seems to work out. (and I'm sure I know that from the outset because my love for ribs runneth over.)

    That was like half a pound of ribs... Ugh. I feel like crap now. lol It always happens. Damn you, delicious ribs!

    Anyone else have an infrequent favourite they can't resist going overboard on?
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    I love ribs too, but baby back ribs are too meaty. I prefer pork spareribs which are fattier. I will eat till I am stuffed, and I feel so good.

    What I gorged on today were some primal brownies made from almond butter primarily. This was a new recipe I tried. The bad thing is that I am the only one in my family that will eat them since they are not sweet enough for anyone else. So, I end up eating on them for a week. haha

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    I can go all out on chicken wings or almonds. Love that stuff!
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    Butternutsquash, cashews, pumpkin seeds... I WISH I gorged on protein!

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    anything with butter on it

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    full is not a good feeling to me, so i try to never get really full, like FULL. BLEH.
    but i could eat a whole lot of steak, and if i am out and only have almonds with me, its a bad bad scene.

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    Chicken Wings and Ribs all day long, fast the next day!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'm with ya on the ribs. My sister works for Longhorn BBQ and while I am sure they aren't primal they are delish. I used to be able to polish off a rack by myself. I can't anymore thank God.

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    I just ate a whole tin of mixed nuts.

    Recent experience has led me to believe that nuts naturally have crack in them. A mere mortal such as myself is unable to stop eating them once eating has started...

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    Wings. I'll power down 24 for lunch no problem and still be hungry.

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