First and foremost let me say that I am incredibly excited to have stumbled upon this site a couple days ago.

I'm Adam and I'm a 6'5" 320lb 25 yo former O-lineman. I always told myself that I was going to lean up when I finished my playing days and now 4 years after my playing career ended I still have not done it. I've tried various diet plans and various exercise plans but have never come across a plan that is so complete and attacks the task of getting lean and healthy from both the exercise and diet fronts. My goal is to get to a healthy 250 or so lbs. but I will be reassessing my goals and trying to find my most healthy and comfortable weight throughout this process.

Everything that I've read here seems to make an incredible amount of sense and it's been really nice diving into it all. I've never done any kind of dieting or exercising that didn't feel like deprivation or torture but everything about PBF so far has really been a pleasure. Anyways, I'll be around here more often looking around, posting where I can help.