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Thread: Former college football player jumping into PB!

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    good thing I looked around, i was thinking about creating a post just like this...good job.

    I also played college football( D3 tho,in NY) as an offensive lineman. Like you, I always told myself once fb is over ill drop this weight well its been over for about 2 yrs now and the weights still here. Im 6'3 and about 295, i think PB is an awesome way to get down to that "ideal weight" of 260-265. Hows the PB lifestyle been going for you, and any tips you might have that would help out a the bigger guys. thanks

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    Well I fell off the wagon not long after starting all of this. Took a job where I had to be in a truck for 10+ hrs per day and am still basically at step one all over. I am sick of feeling the way I do and know I need to make a change. I just got a promotion at work which will take me out of the truck and get me in a shop/office all day so I feel like I have a lot better shot at making this all work when I can take the time to have proper meal times. I don't know how involved I am going to be able to be with the physical part of PB but I am going to give the diet side of it the best shot that I can. I have recently planted a garden and have been raising some meat chickens so I think these things will encourage me to eat more healthily. I will try and keep up on posting here this time. I am sure I will be needing some support so I will look forward to talking with you all!

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    Welcome back. Sounds like you have a working plan now.

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