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Thread: Recommend GP or Internal Medicine Doctor in Northern Virginia or DC

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    Recommend GP or Internal Medicine Doctor in Northern Virginia or DC

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    So I am thinking of seeing a new Doctor. I have two requirements. First, they have to be open minded. I can deal with a Doctor who is CW oriented as long as they are open minded. Of course, it would be a huge plus if they were turned on to primal/paleo but I can live without that. In my profession, it is normal that reasonable minds differ and I expect the same would be the case if multiple doctors conferred on the same issue. However, my current doctor will routinely dismiss something and I will frequently find online resources written by other doctors that contradict him. Now, if my doctor would just acknowledge the inherent imprecision in the practice of medicine and tailor his views accordingly, I would be fine but I get irritated by his dogma and dismissal of other views. A lot of lawyers are like this too but that's a story for another day.

    Second requirement is geography. I live in Falls Church near Arlington so either of those places would be great. I work in DC so a doctor there would be ok too.

    There is nothing really wrong with my current health but I do go once a year for a physcial. I just think my current Internal Medicine/GP's stern "my way or the highway" views are irritating.

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    Look for a doctor who practices "functional medicine."

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