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Thread: Meat and more Meat

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    I came across this vid and I just had to share...

    Roadtrip to South Africa, anyone?

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    It looked a bit rare for my liking, but I'd still be in

    The "Seven Deadly Sins"

    Grains (wheat/rice/oats etc) . . . . . Dairy (milk/yogurt/butter/cheese etc) . . . . . Nightshades (peppers/tomato/eggplant etc)
    Tubers (potato/arrowroot etc) . . . Modernly palatable (cashews/olives etc) . . . Refined foods (salt/sugars etc )
    Legumes (soy/beans/peas etc)

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    In the middle of July, I had the opportunity to travel to Capetown for work. I was delighted to find wild game meats (aka, "Venison") prominently featured; so I took full advantage:

    Kudu (roast, and Shepherds' Pie)

    Eland (roast, and sliced rare on salad)

    Ostrich (filet and Carpaccio)

    Springbok (filet and Carpaccio)

    Zebra (roast)

    Man. Was I in heaven. This is what meat is supposed to taste like. I also attempted to bring back some Beef Biltong (delicious moist jerky), but Customs intercepted it... I have a Springbok hide on the back of my computer chair as we speak (only a Grokette would bring home a skin for a souvenir. Oh, yeah...and a spear for my Boy :-D )


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