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Thread: Sweetners, sugar cravings and fruit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandylandCanary View Post

    But you could also try harm reduction. You could try that before and between cold turkey attempts, which means that even if you struggle, you're never really going to be having SUGAR. My experience is that you can get rid of sugar with fruit. Granted, these are still carbs, you can definitely still overeat and be hooked on fruit. But it's still never going to hurt you as much as sugar does. Sugar is really really nasty stuff.
    That makes a lot of sense to me. I would love to be able to go cold turkey but for the place I'm at right now and from my previous attempts its not really working. That's not to say I won't stop trying though. Damage control is good, I'm working on switching from fruits to veggies, like carrots, tomatoes, and squash, which I understand will be feeding the cravings in some sense, but at least it won't be anything like eating cupcakes. I'm also going to add some Vitamin D into my supplement regime since I read a study about it helping appease sugar cravings. I guess I'll just have to see how things go

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    I've been through the same thing for years. I think I can put my two cents here.
    When it comes to sugar cravings, everyone is different. You have to find what works for YOU. This takes time so be patient with yourself. Some people find that going cold turkey eliminates cravings, some people substitute their sugar cravings for fresh fruits, while others eat what they are craving in small amounts. Another option is to try several different substitutions. For example, sweet potatoes and squash are sweet and they fill you up. Tendencies are that when you are full, you stop "looking for food" or craving. These vegetables are also low in calories (a 4oz sweet potato has only 100 calories). You can also try whey protein powder. I buy the plain one (unsweetened) and play with it. There are many delicious recipes you can make with whey protein powder to satisfy that sweet tooth (if it's still there). Just google "whey protein recipes," "whey protein chocolate bar recipe," whey protein chocolate cake recipe," etc. Also, I find that a little common sense is always useful when it comes to "uncontrollable food cravings" such as sugar cravings. There are certain foods that we just can't handle. For example, for me it's dried fruit and fruit candy. If I have a bag of skittles before lunch, I want it again 3 times before I go to bed. It feels like it triggers something in my brain, an addictive reaction, so I stopped eating fruit candy altogether (am still working on the dried fruits). If you find that there is one specific food that triggers an addictive reaction or obsession, it's best to eliminate it completely. If you can manage to have a tiny amount everyday of whatever you crave, then do it (100 calories of whatever you crave will not hurt you). Here's another option: you can try to do what many bodybuilders do. Eat perfect during the week and allow yourself your favorite food (they call it a "cheat meal") once a week. Even if that is cupcakes. It's one meal only, but you're allowed to have anything you want without worrying about calories, carbs, sugar, etc. Again, you have to find what works for YOU. Experimenting is the only way to find out.

    Many people say that it takes 21 days to break a habit. Let me tell you - after 12 days of no sugar (not even fruits), I was completely miserable. I was VERY depressed. Call it detox or whatever you want! Uh... no thanks! LOL. I would rather "deal with it" in other ways. But this is also something you could try. Why not? Everyone is different. Aim for 21 days and see what happens. I wish you the best of luck! Hope this helps.
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    +1 on what the poster above said: try what works for you!

    What works for me is:

    Of course I want fruit. It is the harvest season. I continue eating fruit with no restrictions, but only buy fruit that is in season, restrict the variety I have at home at any given time (i.e. I would buy 4 plums and 4 peaches for a family of 3) & always have a couple cups of vegetables before cutting up a fruit. I add a tablespoon of honey in the afternoons (2-4 pm) on some days. Because in all likelihood, the 200-300 calories I get from fresh, in-season fruit, with the wagon-load of minerals and nutrients is far more beneficial for me than eating ham or canned fish or eggs that I will likely over-indulge in, because it is fresh fruit I want not ham, eggs or fish (it is not feasible to keep cooking fresh meat every time I just want a few cherries). In the winter, when there is no in-season fruit, I will naturally be constrained to forzen berries & some citrus, and the balance will be restored.

    And I definetly avoid everything that feels like junk food, pseudo-cookies, etc. It may be made from paleo/primal ingredients, but it is not made & consummed with a paleo/primal intent in my view.
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