Hey all,

So, I'm in week two of my 30DONN (no refined sweeteners, no alcohol, NO CHEATS). And, it's going well. However, I seem to have a little problem with dates. As in, I'm completely addicted to them, and they are a trigger food like no other that I've experienced.

Now, pre-30DONN, I had a single square of darkish chocolate for dessert every night. And it was good. I was never tempted to eat a second square. But NOW, dates have replaced the chocolate. And I'm out of control. Every time I walk into the kitchen, I eat one. Or three. I've eaten six in a sitting (Which is a lot). I can eat half a pound at a time. I've thrown them out, only to replace them the next time I went to Whole Foods.

I'm better off just going back to the chocolate, right? OK, done whining/kvetching now.