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Thread: Warrior Diet?

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    Warrior Diet?

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    I am curious about this and to be honest it's too late at night for me to care enough to search for threads about it. I want to know, what do you guys think of it?

    Basically IF'ing every day- I like the idea of discipline and self control. I think this would help me to stick to primal foods, because that one meal I can load up on all the meat and salad and nuts that I can before I get stuffed.

    I want to know your opinions on this, and if you've tried it, how it's worked concerning your overall health, weight loss, energy levels.

    Anything is appreciated, thanks in advance.

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    I did the Warrior diet when I was working in Yemen and it worked great. Lots of energy during the day, lots of good food at night. I was up at 5 am to work and finished 12 hours later without problems. I'm doing a variation of the warrior diet now. It works very well for me but have seen threads on the forum with people that had problems with it.
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    I started my IF journey with the Warrior diet - not sure if ya bought the book if not you can get a lot of the same info FREE at:

    He also goes over the different IF styles - warrior/leangains/eatstopeat ect.. and working out in a fasted state

    If your just starting out with IF the warrior diet is a good place in my opinion - gets you used to to not constantly eating and changes your relationship with food - food is fuel not a way to pass time.
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