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Thread: Rash

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    Sorry for such an unsophisticated title everyone!

    I've noticed that I have developed a rash in my right armpit (even less sophisticated!) after I used Axe Deodorant a week or so ago because I didn't have anything else. Well this just goes to show how great this product is for your body.

    However, my question is do you know of anyway to get rid of the rash? It's been steadily getting worse since it developed almost right after application of the Axe. I've been using natural deodorants (Tom's)/no deodorants since. I haven't been doing anything to it otherwise, thinking I would let my body do its thing. But now that it's getting worse I'm not sure what to think! Any suggestions??


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    I have the same rash and even though I switched to my own homemade deodorant the rash only went away on one armpit. At this point I have to stop using deodorant entirely to let it clear up. Oh, and I apply a polysporin-like ointment to it every morning and night. It's annoying as all hell!!

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    I would try over the counter cortisone cream, just for a few days.

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