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Thread: Angorarabbit's Journal

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    My well planned eating has gone straight out the window. Not in a bad way, I'm still on track, but it's not well thought out and carefully planned anymore.
    I came home from work Wednesday night to a half of a cake sitting on my kitchen counter. My first reaction was "what the hell is that doing in this house?" Apparently when hubs got home, our elderly neighbor and flagged him down and gave it to him. I was looking at it this morning and I realized it doesn't even LOOK appetizing. The cake itself looks dry and the frosting is perfectly laid on, and glossy with little pits in it. It just looks weird.

    Now on May 29th you can bet your butt I'm eating cake. It's my first wedding anniversary, and I know it's a silly tradition but the woman who baked our cake is a close friend and she's been looking forward to making a new topper for our anniversary. I've told hubs that we're having a party and EVERYONE is eating a slice of cake so it doesn't sit around our house. It's a gorgeous mandarin orange cake with fancy buttercream (no crisco or fake stuff in it). Actually it tastes like an awesome version of an orange hostess cupcake. That was our first reaction at the cake tasting in fact. "This tastes like an orange hostess cupcake, except real!"

    I'm kind of looking forward to our first anniversary. In 14 days we'll be married 11 months. It just keeps creeping closer!

    Know what else is creeping closer? The end of my first whole30. Today is the halfway point for me, April 15th. So far I have learned that I can eat almost nothing and still lose weight :-P I still hate vegetables and need to work extra hard to get them into my diet, I can have cookies (and cake) in my house and not want a bite. I start to see these pre-packed sweets for what they really are: tasteless imitations of something that actually IS delicious. My face is clearer, PMS symptoms are lessened, I sleep through the night. I eat out less because it just isn't a good deal to pay $9 for a 1/4 pound burger (I do go to the place that has full pound burgers for $8 though).
    A lot has changed for me and I hope it will keep changing. I've lost 6.6 pounds as of this morning. I know those numbers are really going to start to slow here soon because of the PMS. I haven't noticed much of a change in my clothes though, but they were mostly too tight to begin with so I'm going to have to work harder to get out of old sizes.

    I think I'm going to go outside and jump rope for a while.

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    Do you want to know just how easily the scale lies?

    I hopped on today, knowing full well I'd be up some. Sunday was Easter dinner for my husband's family and although I was really good and just had some ham, lots of roasted veggies and a couple deviled eggs I did also eat a slice of angel food cake. I wanted it, it looked great, so I ate it. an hour later I had a huge itchy rash on my left arm, but I was satisfied. Anyway, I was up a few ounces. No biggie. I went into the bedroom and measured myself and in one week I have lost 7 inches.

    Let me repeat: in ONE WEEK I lost 7 INCHES.

    I can put on a size smaller jean and actually breathe now! No laying down to get them zipped up either.

    When I explain to people how I eat, what I can and cannot have, the reaction is always the same. "Oh I could never give up (insert starch here)"

    Honestly, I don't want to give up cake and pastries. I love them. I love baking them. We're not talking boxed cakes and little Debbie eclairs here, I love to make homemade crullers, croissants, turnovers, brownies...the list goes on and on. When I decided to change the way I eat and change my lifestyle I was also giving up an activity that I love. I miss it desperately but eventually I will bake again. One day I might enjoy a homemade cruller with my black coffee, but that day is a long way away. People never want to hear this explanation when they gasp and clutch their pearls at the mere IDEA of never eating cereal again. They don't understand that at the end of the day, it's not so much about giving everything up as it is about resetting yourself. You put desserts and sweets back where they belong, on very special occasions, not every day after dinner. You pass on the bread basket in order to fully savor your meal. I am beginning to enjoy dinner conversation instead of planting my face in the popcorn or bread basket, and I'm not tempted in any way shape or form by pasta. Now, as for white sauces...ohmygoshwhatIwouldn'tgiveforsomealfredo.. .but I generally pass and smother my spaghetti squash with some Classico traditional basil (no sugar!).

    Now I am breaking the no dairy rule again this Sunday. Easter breakfast at my grandmother's house is Fritatta and it's about the only thing she can cook decently. In fact, it makes up for thanksgiving dinner, Christmas eve and day dinner and New Years eve and Day by a long shot.
    I told the hubs NOTHING was coming between me and a whopping corner piece. It's everything I love about breakfast: meat, cheese and eggs. None of this veggie BS I endure on a daily basis. Can't wait!

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