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    Cast Iron Pans

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    As a spin-off of the thread about cleaning grease from pans, does anyone have any tips about how to scramble eggs in a cast iron pan without the eggs sticking to the bottom of the pan?

    I've tried both butter and coconut oil, letting the eggs set in the pan for a few minutes before attempting to scramble, and various heat settings. Each time, I get a nice layer of egg on the bottom of the pan, which reduces the amount I get to eat. I really hate wasting the egg, but I also don't like the over-browned egg either.

    Thanks for any help!

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    I've given up--makes a horrible mess of the pan. That's why I microwave my eggs while frying everything else in the cast iron pan.

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    I was wondering about that too. I've tried before with less than stellar results.
    Apparently it does much better with high heat. This guy seems to pull it off okay and it looks way hotter than I usually do eggs:

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    Quote Originally Posted by lizch View Post
    I've given up--makes a horrible mess of the pan. That's why I microwave my eggs while frying everything else in the cast iron pan.
    Ditto, except I use a small nonstick pan for my eggs.

    This is a nice reminder that I really should use my cast iron pan more often, though. Just not for eggs.
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    I usually don't have a problem if I use enough coconut oil on high heat.

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    I don't use cast iron for eggs because you need to use such high heat that it makes the eggs very rubbery (to me). I use a regular pan with a bunch of butter or bacon fat to cook eggs and use the cast iron for just about everything else.

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    If your eggs are sticking, you're not taking care of your pans right. I didn't read the other thread, not sure what's posted.

    The video is good, but the trick my grandmother/mom taught me is that when you're pan is clean - you heat it up a bit on the stove and then coat the inside of the pan with a bit of fat to keep it nice and shiny. You don't have to wash it every time, but do wipe it out well and then use another to spread some fat on the pan. With this technique - you don't need to do the huge seasonings in the oven - but it actually keeps your pans in better shape.

    For food stuffs that get really stuck to the pan, where it's a bitch to scrub off - boil some water in the pan, about half full. It'll come off like a dream when you go to scrub it off in the sink.

    At my house, we keep a 8" pan just for eggs, we barely wash it anymore. Do the fat trick, it'll cure your sticking egg problem up after a few times of conditioning like that.
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    Huh? I just do the bacon first (or throw in a tbs of saved bacon fat if not doing bacon) and cook the eggs right on top of /next to the bacon, or leave all the fat in the pan. The eggs just slide right off when done.

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    I had this problem until I learned how to season and clean the pan right. Since I've seasoned the s**t out of it nothing will stick. I cook eggs and bacon every morning (and not on high heat) and haven't had a problem. There is a ton of info on caring for cast iron out there(including this forum).

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    IMHO, the most important thing to do when cooking with cast iron is to heat the pan properly BEFORE putting anything in it. That is really the trick to the eggs. I like mine soft scrambled and never turn the heat higher than about 4 on my gas stove. If I forget to heat the pan, the eggs stick terribly. My well seasoned small cast iron pan functions pretty much like non-stick at this point (now that I finally got DH to quit soaking it in water and using soap!) All of the bacon grease, butter, VCO I cook with has my pans in awesome shape. One more primal advantage!
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