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Thread: A rainy day at the beach changed my life

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    A rainy day at the beach changed my life

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    I hate to read, but alas I was at the beach last September with my Girlfriend and family. Her sister in law, after much argument from me, "Dared" me to read her Paleo Solution Robb Wolfe book and try it for a while. Well, I read the entire thing that day and it MADE SENSE to me. So, I've been eating pretty much exclusively Paleo (maybe not quite the amount of meat as some and more Cabernet and Nor Cal Margaritas than many) since then.

    Also, since March, I've lost 67 lbs (245 down to 178 - hooray!!!)due to diet (even pre-paleo I was eating "whole foods", only a lot of grains and legumes and my fair share of beer I might add)

    I've given up my bench pressing, curling, and 30 minute/day high intensity elliptical jaunts for a beginning cross fit class, bikram yoga class, some "practice" at home, hiking here in the mountains of Western North Carolina and of course still enjoying my home sauna from time to time (best thing I've ever bought from craigslist in my life).
    Other than the snow, you'll either find me barefoot, in VFF's, or at work in my Tera Planas. I'm sold on the "barefoot" deal - my stability, lower leg strength, and lower back has never been better!

    As a 40 year old man today, I feel better than I did at 25 (less of course the degenerative neck issues I have, but working with the cross fit trainer who is also a chiropractor, that is actually feeling better than it has for some time now.)

    Now, I actually like to read (about nutrition/fitness) as well as watch all those food documentaries.
    I bought the Primal Blueprint last weekend and am enjoying that during my sauna "sessions."

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    The more I see the less I know for sure.
    -John Lennon

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    Hello and greetings! 67 pounds, wow. That's gotta be an Olsen twin. You've lost an Olsen twin.

    Welcome to the cool kids' club.
    "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." -- Hippocrates

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    Way to go!

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    Wow, what awesome progress so far. I wish people would dare me to make positive life changes! Welcome!

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