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Thread: Barefoot sports "shoes" (for protection)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by a_morgan24 View Post
    I love my Nike Free shoes. I use them for CrossFit and running and they're great. Minimal 'support' but I still feel more protected than barefoot (I can't get on the Vibram bandwagon as much as I try).
    Yes, the leading candidate right now is Nike Frees with the heel shaved down... Or these:

    Still love any further ideas if anyone has any!

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    I've started running in New Balance WT101s while trying to transition to minimal running (I tried using huaraches this summer and ended up with a blunt-force crush injury to my forefoot from doing too much too soon), and they promote the proper footstrike, while still having some protection. Plus, they don't have the little grooves that pick up crud, like the Nike Frees. The most common complaint about the Free is that gravel and crud gets stuck in those grooves. I think the men's version is called the MT101.

    Plus, they're only like $75 and they sell them on I used credit card points to pick up an Amazon gift card, so I only paid $25 for mine.

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    The nike vapors that I use to wear, were pretty minimalistic. They do still have rigid sole, but it is fairly flat with little if any elevation in the heel if I am remembering correctly.

    I loved them for that reason, they felt more barefoot by wrapping my feet. They are super light and the thinness gives you a great feel for the ball. It also makes getting spiked with them on pretty much like being barefoot (ouch).

    I agree with the other poster about kicking barefoot. With the correct technique it does not hurt much. The old school Brazilian national players like Pele grew up playing the game barefoot. And on my recent trip to S. America I noticed that kids still grow up playing that way there.

    Like being barefoot in general some of this is just your feet toughening up. If I am just knocking a soccer ball around with friends I don't mind going barefoot.

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    You could try to inov8 baregrip Inov-8 Bare-Gripô 200 Lime/Black.

    I'm not sure about protection on the top but it has good grip like a normal studded boot. Is there perhaps a substance that you could apply to the upper to toughen it up a bit?

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    Maybe something here will work for you.

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    Merrell Barefoot
    New Balance Minimus Trail
    Cross-country shoes
    A piece of leather duct-taped over your instep.

    I think that you are looking for two competing ideals- protection and minimalist. Protection has to be stiff and sturdy and strong. Minimalist is meant to be as thin and light as possible so that you don't notice you have it on. There will have to be some compromises made.

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    how about merrill trailgloves?
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