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Thread: Cutting out Fruit

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    I tell myself I'm not allowed to eat fruit but I end up cheating and eat about 2 servings a week. I usually make a very small smoothie with so delicious coconut milk with a total of 1 cup of blueberries, black berries and mixed fruit (strawberry pineapple &mango) all frozen from costco I usually drink half or so and give the rest to my boyfriend. I consider that my treat when I get a sweet tooth. I did this after lunch yesterday but noticed It triggered more cravings so I ate nuts and a mandarin orange also after. Nuts are also on my no list for now as I eat too many if I allow them. This is what works for me to lose weight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kennelmom View Post
    wow! was there a reason you were eating that much fruit?
    I read this book "Self healing colitis and crohns" by a guy who healed his colitis on a fruit based diet. Nothing I had tried up to that point worked so I gave it a shot. I managed to get off all meds and my digestion improved dramatically! I felt like I was on the way to true health but I had so many lingering symptoms like acne, no energy, feeling very jittery, insane itchiness etc. I knew I had to find another way and continued to research health and diet like a madman! So that book was the starting point that gave me the hope that it was possible to cure this illness through diet. Exactly the opposite of what the doctors were telling me.

    So as bad as the dietary advice may have been, it got me pointed in the right direction, and after much experimentation with many failures, I've arrived at a safe zone where I'm finally getting the results I had hoped for and it's a huge relief!

    More than you wanted to know I'm sure, but that's why I was eating so much fruit ; )

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    Cutting out fruit didn't affect my skin

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    My skin is and always has been great no matter what I eat. The rest of me, not so much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Primrose & Paleo View Post
    Awesome, guys! Thanks so much for your help. I will be cutting it out for this week and will let you now how my skin is.
    It might take longer than a week for your skin to show a difference, so keep that in mind if nothing seems to change.
    Quote Originally Posted by supersellen View Post
    If you are truly hungry, you will want and egg, if you are not, then boiled eggs probably won't sound all that great.
    I feel like I'm one of the few people who could snack on boiled eggs purely out of boredom, haha.

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    2 days w/o fruit and i'm definitely feeling the sugar cravings subsiding. I think i'm on the right track! thanks for your input!

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    great tips! fatty snacks here i come

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    haha, very true!

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    fruit makes me gain weight very quickly and sets off my sugar cravings too. i avoid it as much as i can.

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    Quick note, I think eliminating fruit is the answer... Redness and skin inflammation is subsiding. Have 0-1 serving of fruit per day. Thanks for your help, I appreciate it!


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