I'm a newbie and have just started going primal. I'm reading "The Primal Blueprint" - halfway across - and absolutely convinced this is the right diet for me... and everyone on this planet, most likely.

Summing up my background... I'm Portuguese and have been living abroad (in Luxembourg) for the past 11 years. My diet has always been more or less the traditional Portuguese diet. Huge predominance of grains (especially bread and rice), lots of tubers (love potatoes!), meat and fish (less than meat), some vegetables and fruit, and some sugar, but not a whole lot.

My health problems: several autoimmune diseases and a perpetual inflammatory process. Nothing really serious, but pesky things. Have a sedentary life (being a translator) and a stressful one. Haven't been doing any exercise for many years now. I'm a small creature (5'2'') and have been skinny from birth. "Skinny gene" in the family. My usual weight is around 90 pounds.

Am starting this thread because I haven't found any case similar to mine in the Forum or around the website. I know I'm a bit of an ET. My doubt is: how to go primal without losing weight? And, if possible, gaining a little weight. I stopped eating grains completely (even bread) 3 days ago and have already lost 2 pounds, oops! Have an even bigger appetite than usual and am not sure about the most fattening primal foods I can eat...

Would really appreciate some guidance for a skinny and famished ET who just wants to be healthy and substantial enough. And who is fully determined to go primal all the way - feeling some health benefits already, too.

All the best,