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    Binge Eating

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    So I was wondering if anyone who has dealt with binge eating would mind sharing their thoughts about it. What are your triggers? I go through long stretches when there is no problem at all, and I'm not attracted to any of these binge foods (chocolate, nuts, sweet potatoes, salt, gluten free bread, full fat yogurt) and them bam! I can't control myself, I don't even care, I'm just horribly tired and depressed and/or zoned out. I have been dealing with some depression lately and the hole does seem to be getting bigger but in truth, exercising and cooking yummy paleo meals makes me feel great and I've been able to loose that last 10 lbs. Perhaps I've cut too far back on the calories...but this is eating well beyond full. I hurt. I don't know what to do. Well tomorrow is a new day. I just wanted to hear from others who have been through this and what you do to combat it. I feel so awful right now.
    Thanks for listening. I'm very grateful to be a part of this community. I'm inspired by the stories and the honesty hear and am very glad I can turn to you all for this conversation.
    (27 yr old female, 5'6 125 lbs)
    Two weeks ago I had some orthoscopic surgery on my spine to repair torn discs and have had to use vicodin to manage the pain. I've had to deal with the compulsive eating before but I'm wondering what these drugs do to the brain and blood sugar levels. Any thoughts tribe?
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    I've been figuring out my binge triggers - for me its sugar. It usually starts with "I can have a piece of candy - my insulin resistance is under control and I had a killer workout - a little sugar will do me good" A piece at work turns into 5-6 - fun size - its not that bad (right)- then off to raid one of the admins treat bowls of pretzels then more candy then when I get home it gets real bad and I normally wont stop eating till I sleep. These binges are weird as Ill keep coming back for small amounts every 1/2 hour or so. My other trigger is my post leg day work out meal - I normally lift my eating restrictions and grab a pizza or two - I can easily kill a large meatlovers in less than 20 minutes - then binge on everything that doesn't get finished till I crash that night. I think the only way I will avoid these binges is the same way I quit smoking - complete and total abstinence. I haven't had candy this year - did have a pizza last week, but I bought it for a lot of kids and only had 1/2 of one pizza. While every time I have pizza I normally gorge myself till it hurts and then some, this time I was a little busy with all the kids - then about 2 hours later I noticed that even though I ate several thousand calories less than my normal super binge pizza day I felt like my gut was gonna burst - took me a little while to figure out it was grain bloat - with that in mind I think that will be my last pizza (hopefully - figure if I keep the negative picture of bloating in my mind it should be). Looking back it seems foolish - the roller coaster insulin spikes will keep you eating and the gonna burst pain was from bloating that could easily be avoided. I was on Vicodin for two weeks last month after some major dental work and it didn't effect my eating - then again it MAJOR work (12 fillings and 2 root canals) and the pain kept me from eating much at all.
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    Any sugar, starch, sweet taste can trigger binges, especialli for people who have a history of conventional dieting. Going strict primal, low carb, is the only thing that's worked for me.
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    I find sugar, or any carbs really, do it for me. Also, when I've been letting myself "cheat" and eat things like ice cream, it makes it harder to break the cycle. Even if I haven't eaten anything sweet, if I'm just craving something sweet I will binge. I had squash last night with dinner and I wonder if that was enough to set off a binge, because did I ever binge.

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    I've been having a really strict month, with absolutely NO cheating/indulging. And, I've learned that I am completely powerless to control my urge to eat dates. Interestingly, when I'm being more indulgent, I can eat a single square of darkish chocolate, and not be tempted to eat more. But, I can't stop at a single date.

    I'm not sure that dates are any better for me than chocolate, in terms of sugars, and maybe I'm better off going back to my single square of post-dinner chocolate...

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    Those dates from Trader Joe's with the nuts in them and rolled in coconut are heavenly and trigger the absolute worst craving for sweets. Before primal, I drank alcohol and never cared for sweets, but now I'm like some nutso sugar fiend. I'm having an all-meat week to see if I can tame the sugar beast.

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    also Hermanda, you seem rather slim, do you have hypoglycemia, by any chance?

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    Everyone has done a great job addressing the binge thing... so I'm just going to address the depression I had two major joint surgeries last year: ACL in January and rotator cuff in July. Both times I (obviously) had pain killers (percocet the first time, then vicodin the second) and I swear they both triggered awful depression. July was worse because I was just coming out of the depression from January and BAM, I got slammed again. I really think they mess with brain chemistry in some people in ways no one really understands.

    That said, I got some great advice here and started a new supplement regimen (which is hard when you're depressed, I know!) but it took about a week to start feeling better and about a month to feel like I was getting a grip. Vitamin D, Magnesium, Zinc, SAM-E, 5-HTP, and most importantly (to me!) L-Theanine. The L-Theanine seemed to almost immediately break the cycle of depression/anxiety for me. It tames my (high) anxiety without any of the side effects of xanax (i.e. the woozy, drugged feeling, the tiredness, the zoned out thing) I just feel calmer and more resilient.

    I know how awful depression is, and I know how hard it can be to get on top of it... I also know how it can trigger other "self-medicating" behaviors such as sugar/carb binges.

    I hope you feel better soon!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lolov View Post
    Both times I (obviously) had pain killers (percocet the first time, then vicodin the second) and I swear they both triggered awful depression. July was worse because I was just coming out of the depression from January and BAM, I got slammed again. I really think they mess with brain chemistry in some people in ways no one really understands.
    I hadn't really thought about the painkillers/depression connection - I had a bad injury in mid-October that led to a major sprain in my left ankle, torn MCL in my right knee, and severe back pain. The back pain (fortunately) abated after a couple of weeks, but because of that I had to be on vicodin and flexeril (muscle relaxant) for a few weeks.

    I think, at least in my case, it was the combination of the meds and the injury that triggered a depression in me. Cabin fever, not being able to do everything I wanted to do, missing my normal, fully functional life, etc. So I turned to my good old frenemy, food, and went on a couple month bender. I'd have a few days where I'd eat well, then I'd buy a bunch of crap food and start the cycle all over again.

    Forced myself to get back on the primal wagon with the new year and I already feel 10x better (both physically and mentally). I was ready, and I think part of being ready was that my physical recovery is (nearly) over. I haven't had to take pain meds for a while (got off them as quickly as I was able), but maybe that's what triggered the whole episode.
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