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Thread: Binge Eating

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rud3d0g View Post
    I've been figuring out my binge triggers - for me its sugar. It usually starts with "I can have a piece of candy - my insulin resistance is under control and I had a killer workout - a little sugar will do me good" A piece at work turns into 5-6 - fun size - its not that bad (right)- then off to raid one of the admins treat bowls of pretzels then more candy then when I get home it gets real bad and I normally wont stop eating till I sleep. These binges are weird as Ill keep coming back for small amounts every 1/2 hour or so. My other trigger is my post leg day work out meal - I normally lift my eating restrictions and grab a pizza or two - I can easily kill a large meatlovers in less than 20 minutes - then binge on everything that doesn't get finished till I crash that night. I think the only way I will avoid these binges is the same way I quit smoking - complete and total abstinence. I haven't had candy this year - did have a pizza last week, but I bought it for a lot of kids and only had 1/2 of one pizza. While every time I have pizza I normally gorge myself till it hurts and then some, this time I was a little busy with all the kids - then about 2 hours later I noticed that even though I ate several thousand calories less than my normal super binge pizza day I felt like my gut was gonna burst - took me a little while to figure out it was grain bloat - with that in mind I think that will be my last pizza (hopefully - figure if I keep the negative picture of bloating in my mind it should be). Looking back it seems foolish - the roller coaster insulin spikes will keep you eating and the gonna burst pain was from bloating that could easily be avoided. I was on Vicodin for two weeks last month after some major dental work and it didn't effect my eating - then again it MAJOR work (12 fillings and 2 root canals) and the pain kept me from eating much at all.
    after reading your post Rud3dog I *still* miss pizza. Pretty much the only thing I miss since going Primal. Haven't had any for 10 months but I still miss it ]:
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    Quote Originally Posted by TigerLily View Post
    What?! 5-HTP is not a hormone. Where did you get that? It is an amino acid.
    Sorry about the confusion. In the past I had been dealing with hormonal imbalances and my endocrinologist did not want me taking 5 HTP or melatonin because of their effect on TSH and the pituitary. We were trying to get my body to produce everything on it's own and the presence of these metabolic precursors would tell my body that it was doing it's job when in reality was there was still a deficiency.
    Actually 5HTP is an amino acid and is the metabolic precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin. Tryptophane is the essential amino acid which is metabolized INTO 5-HTP by the body.

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    the possibility of Candida has not been addressed here yet...

    "Your body is going through withdrawal symptoms because it has become addicted to sugars, grains, high carb foods and chemicals contained in the foods you previously consumed. Your cravings will also be higher because of a lack of nutrients, particularly for minerals. Candida overgrowth also causes you to crave the foods it needs to survive. "

    According to Bee Wilder (above article author), it can take a very long time to properly heal from candida so those cravings/binging tendencies can be just right under the surface.

    It is best to avoid the known triggers (which is not necessarily one particular food but sugar content).

    To your health!

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    I find that if I don't eat enough during the day, or for the past few days, then my body starts to really crave carbs. Also, for me, I absolutely can not have sugar. I'm addicted to it and once I have a little bit, I go into a downward spiral and I've been known to eat nothing but sugar and carbs for days. So, I've learned that I just have to avoid it, end of story.

    If I eat enough protein and fat, then I don't feel the need to binge. I also drink a lot of tea.....

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    Well, it's timely for me to discuss this as I'm coming off 4-day binge on grapefruit. In my case, the trigger is more emotional than anything else. When I'm happy, lonely, angry, you name it there's a much higher risk of losing control. This particular binge was grapefruit because it used to be my favorite fruit but I gave it up because of acid reflux. In common with many others, I suspect, on the Primal lifestyle I'm not having much reflux so I dared to try one and it turned into 2-5 per day.

    Honestly? I think if you have a need for an emotional outlet and you've cemented a habit of using food as that outlet, you will find a reason and food to binge on. Feeling good about going Primal can lower incidence and perhaps reduce the damage if you don't hit sugar. One thing I have learned, though, is to make sure you eat whatever it is that you're craving because you'll keep eating everything in sight until you eat what you wanted in the first place. It does help to eat meat first to ease your appetite and then eat that one food that's calling to you.

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    My trigger is happy hour! it leads to drinking alcohol and french fries to absorb the liquid since I'm a terrible drinker. I might have to limit my happy hours to either once a month or every other week. Summer is such a fun time to hang out with my friends! HEAVY SIGH...........
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    I can really relate to this thread. I go long periods eating and exercising perfectly and then….BAM!! I’m off the wagon and all heck breaks loose. I am at the end (hopefully) of a 6 week off/on binge right now, and I feel awful. I went 22 weeks eating perfect primal and exercising regularly only to fall off the wagon for 6 weeks.

    My triggers vary. Eating sugar or processed carbs is huge. One Hershey kiss can trigger a binge for me. Too much fruit can do it too. Depression is definitely a trigger (I’ve struggled with it since puberty – I’m 42 now). Social pressure can lead me to eating sugar which triggers a binge (parties, holiday, etc).

    Over the last 6 weeks I’ve put on 12 lbs and I feel horrible. I’m really not sure how to resolve this issue. When I’m on the wagon I can ignore the junk food with no issue.

    The amazing part of binging is ... I can eat until I feel sick and vow I will stop. Then within an hour I'm eating again. I feel great when I'm full on primal, but it's like all my logic goes out the window. It's like being an adict.

    Any advice on preventing binges?
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