So hubby was running out to grab some groceries and I asked him to pick me up some cream and frozen berries. He came home with frozen cherries (as well as frozen berries). I didn't hesitate. I put 1/2 pint heavy cream into my ninja, and 1/2 bag frozen cherries. Processed them for just a few seconds and VOILA! ICE CREAM! The first batch was good, so I put 1/2 of it in freezer. I had some torani sugar free chocolate syrup, and added that to the other half. It got really runny so I added the other 1/2 of bag cherries and it turned into beautiful ice cream-like substance again.
Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia can eat its heart out. I've got some dark chocolate here that could break up into the original batch, and the 2nd batch was fabulous with whole walnuts on top.

Did I do good for first try PB? Can I has a PB cookie?