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Thread: My Primal Doggie!

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    Talking My Primal Doggie!

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    My dog, Niko (Shiba Inu/American Bulldog mix) is my Primal inspiration...

    He eats a Primal diet (Orijen dry food, raw beef bones, liver treats, BACON!)
    He eats when he is hungry--doesn't when he isn't.
    He sleeps when he is tired--and gets about 10-12 hours a night.
    He sprints.
    He moves slowly.
    He rests (a lot.)
    He pulls heavy weights (playing tug of war with me, dragging a big piece of driftwood on the beach.)
    He likes to hang out by the fire (woodstove.)
    He loves to hang outside in the sun.
    He loves to play.

    How does your pet(s) inspire you to be more Primal?

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    My dog runs wind sprints with me up and down the beach. He has no idea why we are doing them and he doesn't care why. It just feels god to run.

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    My dog takes such joy in movement.....he sprints just because it is fun! I look forward to the day I feel that way

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