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Thread: Masculinity Then, Now and Future...Topic Discussion Continued

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    Masculinity Then, Now and Future...Topic Discussion Continued

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    Further evidence here:

    My man is tall and slim but he's certainly not wimpy and I love him just the way he is. And he's hairy in all the right places. Mmmm.

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    Good article!

    I sort of wished that it didn't just attack the modern male so much without giving context to how we, as a society, arrived where we are today. The book probably does. I think that would be a more interesting dialogue than "modern men are weak and inept". Additionally some insight on how to restore man to his former glory would be interesting in the context of a post feminist, politically correct world where "man holes" are sexist.

    thanks for having and supporting a kick butt husband Mouse!

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    lol i haven't heard the term "man holes" other than to refer to manholes which provides access to electrical, water, and sewage services, among other things.

    I do recommend checking out the MythoPoetic Men's Movement. Lots of great information using a sort of jungian approach to "restoring" masculinity. As many said in the other thread, it's really about action more than looks, and what that action is is actually quite clear within the mythos of many cultures. it makes for fascinating study (and self study).

    there is, btw, also a mythopoetic women's movement, and often these two movements work together. there are gatherings of both groups at least annually, though as yet we have been unable to attend.

    it's fascinating work.

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